Episode 179 – Airplane Geeks Unplugged

Aermacchi MB-326

In this first episode of 2012, we look back at some aviation highlights from 2011, look ahead to what we might see in 2012, and in so doing find it impossible to avoid politics and the economy.

Unlike our usual episodes, this one is pretty raw and largely unedited. You can decide if you like that or not, or if you can even tell the difference.

Grant McHerron and Steve Visscher from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast drop in for a bit. David Vanderhoof kicks off his new This Week in Aviation format with an aircraft of the week: the Aermacchi MB-326. He also teaches us the meaning of the word Sequestration.

In the Across the Pond segment, Gareth Stringer and Tim Robinson discuss with Pieter Johnson the things we might see happening in aviation in Europe in 2012. Will there be another conflict in the world and will Airbus drive forwards with more orders given the tough Euro Financial crisis?

Next week we return to our usual format with another great industry guest.

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Opening and closing music is provided by Brother Love from the Album Of The Year CD. You can find his great music at http://www.brotherloverocks.com/.

4 thoughts on “Episode 179 – Airplane Geeks Unplugged

  1. Carlos Del Valle

    I think the difference was very subtle, as far as both sound and content are concerned. If you needed fewer hours of edit work, the cost/benefit ratio looks pretty good

  2. Jeff Ward

    Hi Geeks!

    Just finished listening to the Unplugged episode, and I think it was a fine break in the routine. I still enjoy the great guests you have and the regular structure, but one of these from time to time would also be welcome.
    As far as the “fugly” A380 goes, I’ll see if I can get a response from Jeb for you!

    Keep up the great work!


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