Episode 189 – Darryl Jenkins

Guest Darryl Jenkins is a seasoned airline analyst, Chairman of the American Aviation Institute, and author of the Handbook of Airline Economics.

The week’s aviation news:

In this week’s Australia Desk report: the Qantas Asian venture takes a dive as Malaysia Airlines pulls out of the Red Q proposal, Air New Zealand is upsetting customers with its new “bid for a seat” frequent flyer programme, and Airbus Military offers the RAAF a 6th KC30A tanker.

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In his Across The Pond segment, Pieter Johnson talks with Diego López-Salazar from Aeropodcast.com to give us an update on the airlines in Spain. They discuss Spanair, Iberia Express and Volotea and the Spanish Government’s step down from privatisation. Pieter can be found on Twitter as @Nascothornet or XTP Media’s Facebook Page.

Mentioned in the episode:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 189 – Darryl Jenkins

  1. Carlos E. Del Valle

    Hi Max,
    I was wondering if it would be possible to mention the airplane of the week in the shownotes. I bet David would be happy, and sometimes we listeners can get a little about it before listening to the episode (e.g. I know well what a YF-17 is, but had no clue about that Malibu thing),
    best regards, fantastic show as always,

  2. Max Flight

    Carlos: I think I haven’t gotten the airplane of the week into the show notes every week, but I’ll be sure to do that going forward. Thanks for the poke!

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