Episode 232 – The Airline Reporter Returns


New American Airlines livery

David Parker Brown from the Airline Reporter.com blog returns as our guest.

We talk about the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet, the new American Airlines livery, and using personal electronic devices on flights.

David is organizing the Aviation Geekfest in Seattle February 16 and 17, 2013 with lots of exciting activities planned for the event.

Also find Airline Reporter.com on Twitter as @airlinereporter and on Facebook.

The week’s aviation news:

NTSB photo of Lithium Ion batteryNTSB photo of Lithium Ion battery

David’s Aircraft of the Week is the The Martin 167 Maryland bomber.

In this week’s Australia Desk report:

Qantas reduces its 787-8 order by one airframe (not related to the current AD issues) while their management is still managing to upset the their international pilots, BAE Systems to test their Taranis stealth UAV in the remote Outback areas of Australia, HNZ takes delivery of three new AW109SP helicopters for use on a ten year contract with mining company Rio Tinto, and the federal government blocks a bid by a local municipal government to have a second airport built in their area.

Find more from Grant and Steve at the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124. Australia Desk archives can be found at www.australiadesk.net.

In this week’s Across the Pond segment:

We find out this week why North Sea Helicopter Pilot Ian Grosz intends giving something back to aviation in the form of Take Off a scholarship programme focused at youngsters in Scotland. Follow @Austerpilot on Twitter.

AN-12 arriving in Calgary by Ian KershawAN-12 arriving in Calgary by Ian Kershaw


The music in Pieter’s recordings:

The music for both Across The Pond, Xtended and my segment on PCDU is performed by a UK band called WhiteHarts.

If you would like to see where they are on the internet you can go to my Blog – AlphaTangoPapa.Blogspot.com and see the very large credit to the band along with the links to their website presence. Not saying no one has ever been there but its quite prominent on the front page below the Airplane Geeks logo.

The link to me, is that my son Anthony played Bass for WhiteHarts for a while. They no longer play as WhiteHarts but all still play in some format or other. The guy singing the track I use in ATP which is called ‘Seven’, is Joe Bernie.

The track I use on Xtended (called ‘Epic’) is now exclusively Xtended’s to use and has not yet been published by the band (and I think unlikely to be).

The guitar infills I sometimes use you are correct are by one of my brothers, although since being involved in an road traffic accident, he is no longer able to play, which is very sad as he was very talented.

And finally I am a drummer (in the very distant past) so you never know, there might one day be a percussion insert!

Opening and closing music courtesy Brother Love from the Album Of The Year CD. You can find his great music at www.brotherloverocks.com.

6 thoughts on “Episode 232 – The Airline Reporter Returns

  1. Charley Armstrong

    I’m liking the new livery – it’s about time!

    Maybe I’ll forgive them for expiring my frequent flyer miles. Nah!

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  3. Fred

    How much more testing to the FAA need to do about PEDs? I mean, when was the last time someone turned off a phone, computer or iPad in a plane? On any give flight, the majority stay on …

  4. danbury limo

    You know I always thought the airlines BS’d you about turning your devices off specially a cell phone during take off or landing, yet I just saw a report on (slashdot maybe??) that showed some hacker being capable of taking controls of an airplane via his modified cell phone. i was skeptical at first, but when more news outlets reported on this, I really did become somewhat convinced that a bad app (has to be linked to wifi somehow) could actually cause some disuption to an updated aircraft. I really was the last person to turn off my devices (but not the phone as i always listened to instructions on that), but moving forward, if i have any doubt in mind that I’m going to jeoperdize the lives of even a pet in a carriage let alone children, women and such, I’m definitely turning my electronics off the minute i hear an announcement. what do you guys think???

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