AirplaneGeeks 296 – Go Attend an Air Show

International Council of Air Shows

We talk with John Cudahy, President of the International Council of Air Shows.

The air show industry suffered last year under sequestration with the loss of the military demonstration teams. This year, however, many of the military performers are back, to the benefit of the military and the public. So now the focus is on contingency planning for any possible repeat of the loss of military performers.

We discuss the impact of rising fuel prices on the air show industry, how air show spectator satisfaction is measured, and the annual ICAS convention.

ICAS works to maintain safety at air shows, serves as an information resource on air show issues, provides for the training and continuing education needs of the members and air show professionals generally, and promotes the air show industry to the media, Corporate North America, and the general public.

The week’s aviation news:

Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR20

In this week’s Australia Desk:

This week the guys are having some fun flying all over the countryside but still managed to bring in a quick report.

Steve and ATC Ben host the segment from the cockpit of a Cirrus SR20, VH-SJA, at 9000 feet and 162 knots on their way up to the annual NatFly event in Temora, New South Wales.  They chat briefly about the flight and the news this week that Avalon Airport in Victoria are trying to pitch themselves as “GA friendly” by offering “discounted” user fees.  And yes, they still charge a fortune to use that airport, along with Essendon, which they also operate.

Grant in his balloon

Grant in his balloon

Grant also drops in with a quick report from on board his hot air balloon at 1,500 feet, which he was flying at Leeton in New South Wales, not too far away from Temora.  Sounds like he was having way too much fun!

Find more from Grant and Steve at the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu. Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.

Rob Mark’s Aviation Minute: This week Rob talks about his TSA pre-check experience.


Listen to the NBAA Flight Plan podcast from the National Business Aviation Association.

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  1. Ken Mist

    Great show guys! I’m a member of ICAS with the Jet Aircraft Museum and John and his group have been doing a great job fighting for the viability of air shows all over the world.

  2. Jeffrey Gilbert

    Great show guys like always but what song is played at the end of the Across the Pond Segment. Thanks kept up the good work.

  3. Pieter Johnson


    Thank you for the feedback. The music for Across The Pond comes from a band called Whiteharts, for whom my son played for a while. We also use their music on The ATP track can be sourced from their Myspace page otherwise email me by going to my website contact page and I will send it to you. The Xtended track was an unreleased track that is uniqley used by Xtended which we are very grateful for.
    Related my son went on to join a new band called Mercurial which have just released their new single and EP so if you like Rock music you can look them up as well (MercurialBandUK on both twitter and facebook will give you the links to their Souncloud page and you can download it for free). Regards, Pieter

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