AirplaneGeeks 336 Airplane Pre-Buy

Beechcraft King Air F90 and Don Sebastion

The airplane pre-buy process, an update on some recent aviation accidents, the safest seats on an airplane, ICAO  proposes an aircraft tracking standard, FAA Amends ADS-B Rule for General Aviation, building the Boeing 777x wing, and some aviation technology.


Don Sebastian is President of Aviation Consulting Services Incorporated and has performed over 2,000 pre-buys and flight tests. He was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, and holds a CFII and helicopter commercial and instrument ratings. Don testifies as an expert witness and has eight lecture tours under his belt. Outside of aviation, Don contributes his energy to a variety of community and charitable activities.

We talk with Don about the airplane pre-buy process: making a squawk list for the buyer, conducting flight tests, log book reviews, and maintenance record reviews.


To speak with Don about your airplane purchase, call:

+1 (910) 315-0099.


Preliminary Report on the Cirrus SR-22 Ditching near Hawaii

The NTSB released a preliminary report on the January 25, 2015 recovery parachute deployment over the waters near Maui, Hawaii. The pilot was unable to transfer fuel from the aft auxiliary fuel tank.

Surviving a Plane Crash: Does Where You Sit Make a Difference?

A University Of Greenwich, London study examined over 100 seating charts from plane crashes. People sitting close to the emergency exit rows were much more likely to survive.

ICAO Safety Conference Proposes New Aircraft Tracking Standard

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is recommending a performance-based tracking standard using existing and planned technologies and procedures. Aircraft flying in remote areas that do not have air traffic radar surveillance would report their position every 15 minutes. This can be achieved through onboard Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C), or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), and other connectivity solutions.

Industry Group Opposes ICAO’s New Aircraft Tracking Standard for Business Jets

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) says the ICAO tracking standard should exempt aircraft with 19 passenger seats or less.

FAA Amends ADS-B Rule

The FAA has corrected the May 2010 final rule on ADS-B requirements for general aviation. The rule required that ADS-B equipment must meet the requirements of certain TSOs. Now the FAA says the equipment must “meet the performance requirements” in those TSOs.

Boeing’s 777X Wing Plant Sprouts Steel

Orginally, the composite wing for the 777X was to be manufactured in Japan. Boeing decided to keep the technology in Washington State and is building a 1.3M square foot plant at a cost of $1B to build and equip.

Formula One technology to be used in jet engines

UK industry and government project funding includes using McLaren’s Formula 1 gearbox expertise future jet engines, and landing gear using electric motors to taxi without burning fuel.

Full scale mach 5.5 cruising Sabre engine on track for 2019

Reaction Engines says they’ll have a static demonstration of the SABRE engine by 2019. The engine uses proprietary pre-coolers and starts in air-breathing mode up to Mach 5.5. It then transitions to rocket engine mode.up to Mach 25 using stored liquid oxygen.

Airplane of the Week

Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner

Avro Canada C102 Jetliner by Jamie Dodson. The jetliner that never was.

The Australia News Desk

Qantas’ first 747-400 VH-OJA is being donated to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Wollongong where the arrival is likely to be rather spectacular.

Virgin Australia are closing off their New Zealand based Pacific Blue operations.

The outback’s version of The Onion newspaper has run an amusingly false story of a pilot who tried to land on top of Ayres Rock (aka Uluru).

The Aviation Minute

Rob Mark talks about pilot wages.

Airplane Geeks on Ice

Report 7 by Juan Fernandez from McMurdo Bay brings to a close the Airplane Geeks on Ice series about aviation in Antarctica. Be sure to visit Juan’s Photo Gallery for some great photographs and videos.



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5 thoughts on “AirplaneGeeks 336 Airplane Pre-Buy

  1. Don Sebastian

    25 MU2 airplanes in one year? Well, it mite have been 14 months. But one buyer at Tulsa, home for most MU2 turboprop for maintenance, we looked a five in one day.
    Didn’t answer question about the TV show Airplane Repo Guys. Didn’t want to get anybody in trouble with the FAA. Of course, it more then a preflight to determine airworthiness. Depending on the age of the aircraft, it could take many long hours researching AD’s and other required inspections.
    Oh yes, that light jet I was thinking about only had 1,000 + or – inspections to look into. The 3,000 was for another airline type the manufacture made.
    Happy flying.

  2. Jamie Dodson

    Rob’s Aviation Minute comment: I recently toured the Huntsville International Airport (HSV) FAA Tower. I met an ATC intern, and since it was a slow time we started talking. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and flew Biz jets for a few years but hte work was to erratic. When he applied to the regional’s he couldn’t accept their paltry offers. Small problem – he could eat of repay the loans. The only way he could repay his loans and still afford to fly was to become an ATC. Sad that a skilled pilot couldn’t afford to be a professional pilot.

  3. Don Sebastian

    TransAsia ATR 72-600 that crashed in Taipei. Five minutes into todays program, Rob asked me for my comments. As a Multi engine flight instructor, I taught my students this.When you are taking off, low to the ground, and have a engine out; 1 Both engines full power (piston plane, mixture full rich). 2. Stop the plane from Yawing. 3. Idle foot, idle engine. 3. Confirm inoperative engine, by pulling back that Power leaver (throttle). 4. feather that Prop. 5. Get best rate of climb airspeed. (These items only takes seconds) 5. Then, refur to checklist. These items are more then just memory items, they must be your natural instinct. After practising at altitude with instructor. Every month, make believe doing 1 to 5, by just your motions (practice, for instinct)

  4. Don Sebastian

    Mach tuck! Yes it is real. But it does move the sound barrier towards the trailing edge of the wing. Causing the wing to stall at high speeds. Kind of backward, from a real stall. So I like to think of it, as a conventual stall.

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