AirplaneGeeks 351 Bits and Pieces XIV

Mary Kirby and the Runway Girl Network, flight sim, the USS Midway, the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour, Canowindra International Balloon Challenge, military aviation stories, Gareth Stringer and European air shows, the PBY, and the NTSB investigation of USAirways flight 1549.

Interview with Mary Kirby

Mary KirbyMax talks with Mary Kirby, founder of the Runway Girl Network aviation news service where journalists provide informed industry intelligence covering the airline passenger experience. Runway Girl Network also serves as a platform for highlighting the achievements of women in aviation, promotes equality, and celebrates culture, compassion and diversity across the industry.

Visit the Runway Girl Network, follow the #PaxEx hashtag on Twitter, and listen to Mary and Max on the #PaxEx Podcast.

Flight Simulation

Listener Nicolas tells is about the history of flight simulation on home computers and how you can get started with flight sim. As he says, “No sim can give you the true feeling of flight. But for a person like myself who doesn’t qualify for the medical and lacks the funds to take flight lessons, it is a great option. And for most of us, flight sim gives us the very unique opportunity to fly a jet. Something that only a lucky few can do in the real world.”

You can watch Nicnacjak live playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X on Twitch.

USS Midway

USS Midway

Brian Coleman visits the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California and provides his report.

USS Midway


Canowindra International Balloon Challenge

Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast talks about the Canowindra InternationalCanowindra Balloon Balloon Challenge, including how balloons can be steered, the tasks used to challenge pilots, and how competitions are run.

Learn more about hot air balloon events and typical tasks at Ultramagic Balloons.

Military Aviation Reminisces

Rob Mark tells some stories from his military aviation past.

Across the Pond

Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron Mig-15

Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron Mig-15

Pieter Johnson returns to talk with fellow Xtended co-host and Executive Editor of Global Aviation Resource Gareth Stringer about the latest articles on GAR, including the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain and the summer airshows.

Pieter provided an addendum: A decision has been made and this is definitely the last year we will the Vulcan XH558 fly: Important announcement on the 2015 season.

29(R) Squadron Eurofighter Typhoon

29(R) Squadron Eurofighter Typhoon wears the No. 249 Squadron markings of the Hawker Hurricane flown by Wing Commander Eric James Brindley Nicolson VC DFC. Photo © Gary Parsons

My Favorite Airplane

PBY Micah and Tim

Listener Micah tells us about his favorite, the PBY.


Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

Brian Coleman visits the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour and brings us his report.

NTSB investigation of USAirways flight 1549

Listener Carl Klaiber describes one interesting aspect of the NTSB investigation of USAirways flight 1549 – the “Miracle on the Hudson.”  It illustrates some of the sophisticated analysis techniques that are at the disposal of the NTSB in doing their investigations.


SMAC091-Nancy Spielberg producer of “Above And Beyond – The Untold True Story”

A great interview by Carl Valeri that adds additional perspective and complements our AirplaneGeeks 348, Flying Above and Beyond with Harold Livingston.

Aviation Careers Podcast 83

Aerospace Scholarships – There Is Money Out There For You! Aerospace Scholarships 2015 is available as an e-book.

Innovations in Flight Family Day and Outdoor Aviation Display

#InFlight15 is the hashtag for this June 20, 2015 event. See you there!

Lightweight Membrane Can Significantly Reduce In-Flight Aircraft Noise

Iconic British War Planes video 


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