752 Breeze Airways, plus Cranky

Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways A220 at the gate.
Breeze Airways A220

Breeze Airways celebrated its inaugural flight at the Portland International Jetport (PWM) on May 17, 2023. Our Main(e) Man Micah spoke with:

Breeze First Officer Ryan Hamner in the A220 cockpit.
Breeze First Officer Ryan Hamner
Micah in the Breeze A220
Micah in the Breeze A220

Cranky Flier

Brett Snyder is the President & Chief Airline Dork of the Cranky empire, which has grown to include the award-winning consumer air travel blog Cranky Flier, Cranky Concierge offering domestic and international travel planning, Cranky Network Weekly, Cranky Network Awards, and the popular Cranky Dorkfest. There is even a Cranky Talk Podcast. Micah and Brian chatted with Cranky about air travel.


Max Flight, our Main(e) Man Micah, and Brian Coleman.

One thought on “752 Breeze Airways, plus Cranky

  1. Frances Batson

    My Grandson, Ryan Hamner, Breeze First Officer was interviewed and did a great job in expressing his joy in flying for this wonderful Breeze Airline. I’m very impressed with this Airline and ever so happy Ryan is with this company. Keep up the great work. Thanks!!!

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