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13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ray

    Hi there Geeks team,
    Just a short note to say congratulations on the number one spot for the Aviation Podcast list!
    I also wanted to thank you guys for recording Episode 355!
    Just listening to the descriptions from not only yourselves but some of the visitors, just makes me want to make sure that it’s one tick on my bucket list!
    Anyway keep up the great work. David, great to hear you made it through the whole of episode 358! I’m sure that it took a lot of effort “Onwards and upwards! and Rob, keep up that great sarcasm going!
    Ray Davis from Downunder

  2. maxflight Post author

    Thanks, Andrew. The new video of the Hawaii Mars is titled “Martin Mars Water Bomber Time Lapse.” Published on Jul 10, 2015, it shows Hawaii Mars as it wait in the smoke of the Dog Mountain Forest Fire. We revised the link in Episode 285 to point to the new video.

  3. Trucker Pete

    David. With the last CH 46 Battle Phrogs being mothballed at Davis Monthan, and the V 22 Osprey taking it’s place, I’d like to get your opinion on how these two very different aircraft compare.

  4. Rick

    Very interesting story of a very frequent flier Ben Schlappig , who spends six hours a day- every day flying free around the world by using the airline frequent flyer programs and credit card offers to his advantage. Flyer Talk has stories about people who have mastered the technique to score all kinds of freebies from airlines and hotels.

    Up In The Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World For Free

  5. BOHaviation

    Love these geeks, and AVgroup,

    This is Boh from bohinventing and I am looking to create a brand new aircraft. Its not exactly going to be easy, but in order to do it I have to change policy, and those policy makers. Thus I created this brand new petition for an amazing invention/craft to be created. “The Adventure amphibian” (see video on link). This is my concept for the world’s most likely best firefighterdrone concept & more…. I am ERAU grad and I can get the job done and I ask my fellow pilots/enthusiast/consumers and Americans to help assist and sign my petition. Thank you for your attention and concerns. I thank you all in advance,

  6. Scott Sorensen

    Hi guys,
    I love your show. Really makes a nasty LA freeway commute tolerable. I have a show topic request. The Oshkosh Air Venture is coming up and a couple buddies and I have it on our bucket list to attend in the next year or two. I would be interested to hear suggestions for where to stay, which days would be best to attend, transportation options to and from the show from outlying cities and any other nuggets you have to offer based on your experiences at the fly in. We would be flying commercial into Chicago or Milwaukee.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Scott S
    OC, California

  7. Mark Hasara

    Airplane Geeks Team,

    I’m a recent subscriber to your podcast and really enjoyed your air refueling episode. I was in charge of all air refueling operations in the Middle East during the Iraqi Invasion of 2003. We discussed contract refueling a lot. One of our biggest problems was not enough drogue equipped tankers. We had 80+ refueling control times a day with US Navy and Marine fighters during Operation ANACONDA and the invasion but the KC-10 was the only aircraft capable of doing both Boom and Drogue. It was a planning nightmare the KC-46 and A330 have solved. As a KC-135 Weapons School graduate, I’ve told many USAF leaders to explore commercial and contract air refueling support, delivering the iron into the battle region. If they have contract bandits like Drakken, why not set the air bridge up with contract tankers? I hope Airbus and Lockheed Martin are discussing this with USAF leadership.
    As an interesting note, my Air Refueling Control Team managed about 200 tankers during the invasion. We transferred over 417 million pounds of jet fuel in 26 days, enough to keep a 737 airborne for 11.9 years or allow an F-150 truck to make 2685 round trips to the moon.

    Thanks for listening and looking forward to more great podcasts.

  8. Stephen Casciotta

    I loved your episode on the space force. now I know ,what it is at least.I think we need it now, with all the tech in our days. our enemies will use space too, for attacks! thanks big fan of your podcasts listen every week. thanks steve c. usn ret.

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