Guests that have appeared on the Airplane Geeks podcast

John Peterson is the Executive Director of Aviation at Iridium Communications Inc., a satellite communications company offering global voice and data coverage. John helps deliver Iridium’s safety, voice, and data solutions to pilots and operators. He’s an aviation enthusiast and private pilot who has worked in the industry for 30 years in different roles, including engineering, product management, and leadership roles at Boeing, Collins, Gogo, and Honeywell. Episode 798 Satellite Communications.

Jason Miller is a CFII with over 20 years of aviation experience who has given nearly 10,000 hours of instruction. To help pilots improve their flying, Jason created The Finer Points aviation podcast in 2005. His pilot training resources have grown to include a YouTube channel, a CFI Club, a ground school app, and the Airplane Camp experience. Jason is a member of the FAA Safety Team, an instructor for AOPA’s Air Safety Institute, and the FAA named him the Western Pacific CFI of the Year for 2009 and 2016. Episode 797 Pilot Training.

Marisa Garcia is the founder, editor, and writer at FCMedia | FlightChic. She’s a freelance writer and senior contributor with Forbes. Episode 795 Airline Industry Insights.

Chelsea Easter is the Director of Operations and Volunteer Pilot Engagement at SouthWings. Landon Thorne is a SouthWings volunteer pilot and serves on the organization’s board. This volunteer pilot organization flies conservation groups, community groups, the media, and decision-makers on environmental monitoring and survey flights. Episode 794 SouthWings Environmental Flights.

Colonel Erin Dick is the Director of Public Affairs for the RAND Corporation, and IMA to the Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Forces Japan. Her previous military assignments were with the Space Training and Readiness Command (Space Force) and the US Space Command (Joint Combatant Command). She is a communications and public affairs executive with over 26 years of experience including leadership positions with multiple Fortune 100 aerospace/defense and engineering/architecture firms. Episode 791 U.S. Space Force.

Greg Morris is the president of Scaled Composites, and Pete Siebold is the VP of Flight Operations. Scaled Composites is the aerospace company founded by Burt Rutan to develop experimental aircraft. Currently owned by Northrop Grumman and located at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California, Scaled focuses on designing and developing concept aircraft that are often unconventional. Episode 789 Scaled Composites.

Susan C. Friedenberg is the CEO of Corporate Flight Attendant – Tech Training and Consulting. Over the past 25 years, she has been committed to continually raising the standards for flight attendants in all aspects of business aviation. Susan’s school teaches students the professional role of a corporate flight attendant. She has dedicated herself to the idea that egress training is critical to ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew in an emergency. Episode 788 Corporate Flight Attendant.

Jeffrey N Rudolph, President and CEO of the California Science Center in Los Angeles, California, and the President of the California Science Center Foundation. Kenneth Phillips, PhD, Curator for Aerospace Science at the California Science Center. Episode 787 California Science Center Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Charlene Fontaine is the founder and executive director of the Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association, Inc., founded in 2005 to carry on the legacy of the 350 men who served under Gen. Clare Chenault in World War II. Episode 786 Flying Tigers.

David Helfgott is the Chief Executive Officer of SmartSky Networks, a provider of air-to-ground inflight connectivity services. The company offers real-time, low latency, bidirectional data links that serve the business aviation, general aviation, and commercial aviation markets. Episode 784 Inflight Connectivity.

David “Nils” Larson is a research test pilot at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. He is NASA’s lead pilot for the X-59 aircraft and is assigned to Armstrong’s F/A-18, F-15, T-34 research and mission support aircraft, and DC-8 airborne science aircraft. James “Clue” Less is a research pilot and aerospace engineer at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. He is a project pilot for the X-59 aircraft. Episode 782 NASA X-59 Test Pilots.

Thomas D. Jones is a veteran NASA astronaut, scientist, author, pilot, and speaker. He flew on four space shuttle missions to Earth orbit in more than eleven years with NASA. Tom’s latest title is Space Shuttle Stories: Firsthand Astronaut Accounts from All 135 Missions. This book is a comprehensive oral history of the thirty years of the Space Shuttle with collected stories from astronauts across all 135 shuttle missions. Episode 781 Astronaut.

Nathan Dickstein is Managing Director and Head of Aerospace Leasing at investment firm AE Industrial Partners, LP. He focuses on the origination and management of aircraft leases, engine leasing pools, and related aerospace investments. Episode 779 Aircraft Leases.

Vance Hilderman is the CEO of AFuzion, a safety certification consultancy for the aviation industry. He describes the growth potential of the China aviation market, the challenges and opportunities for Western companies, and the implications of technology transfer and intellectual property concerns. Episode 778 China Aviation Market.

Erin Applebaum is a Partner at Kreindler & Kreindler LLP where she focuses on representing individuals who are injured or killed in general aviation accidents and commercial airline disasters. She currently serves on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing 737 MAX litigation against Boeing and other defendants. Erin is also part of the team challenging the Deferred Prosecution Agreement between Boeing and the Department of Justice. Episode 777 Aviation Accident Litigation.

Rick Cotton is Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a post he’s held since August 2017. The Port Authority has jurisdiction over the transportation infrastructure in the region, including air, land, rail, and sea. That includes five airports: John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Stewart International Airport, and Teterboro Airport. Episode 775 Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Ganesh Sitaraman is a policy expert, Vanderbilt law professor, and the author of the book titled Why Flying is Miserable: And How to Fix It. Ganesh is director of the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator for Political Economy and Regulation. He’s the author of numerous books, previously a senior advisor to Elizabeth Warren for her presidential campaign, and is a member of the Administrative Conference of the United States and the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee. Episode 774 Why Flying is Miserable.

Tim Plaehn is a former combat aircraft pilot who flew and instructed in the North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco. He also served as a frontline F-16 pilot at Nellis AFB. Episode 773 North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco.

Dr. Mike Jones is a feature writer for Cessna Pilots Magazine. In his doctoral dissertation, he researched the factors that affect the economic impact of small airports. Episode 772 Managing Small Airports.

Ben Granucci and Heather Abbott from NYC Aviation; Nick Benson from; Courtney Miller, the Airplane Geeks Podcast co-founder, now with The Air Current; Jon Ostrower from The Air Current and Yawman; Kevin from Airline Videos Live;
Jason Rabinowitz, head of The Airline Tariff Publishing Company’s (ATPCO) Routehappy Rich content creation; and Brett Snyder, Cranky himself. Episode 771 Bits & Pieces Number 30.

Anna Dietrich is the regulatory affairs lead at Xwing, a company that has developed an autonomous aircraft for cargo operations and has conducted the world’s first fully autonomous gate-to-gate demonstration of a commercial cargo aircraft. Episode 768 Xwing Autonomous Aircraft.

Jacobo Mesta is CEO of Soisa Aircraft Interiors, an AS9100-certified aircraft seat upholstery specialist headquartered in Chihuahua, Mexico, with a further facility in Dubai, UAE. Episode 767 Aircraft Seat.

Michael Swiatek is the Chief Strategy Officer of ABRA Group, a global airline holding company that owns Avianca and GOL Airlines. Mike is on a mission to improve the experience for air travelers with disabilities: making it more affordable, easier, and with better service. Episode 766 Air Travelers with Disabilities.

Robert Silk is the Travel Weekly Senior Editor for Aviation. Robby provides coverage and analysis of route networks, service offerings, and distribution, as well as airline industry trends and political and policy debates. He writes the Wheels Up opinion column about commercial aviation. Episode 765 Air Travel.

Cirrus Aircraft CEO Zean Nielsen, young world solo pilots Zara Rutherford and Mack Rutherford, retired air traffic controller John Tait, and recent high school graduate and pilot Seth Whidden. Episode 764 Oshkosh and Spurwink Farm.

Sam C. Gwynne is a best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist. His new book is titled His Majesty’s Airship: The Life and Tragic Death of the World’s Largest Flying Machine. Episode 763 Rigid Airships.

Thom Richard is a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk owner and pilot, American Dream SkyRanch (18SC) private strip, and Warbird Adventures. Episode 762 A Curtis P-40 Pilot and a United Assistant Chief Pilot.

Capt. Chris Dowell is an Assistant Chief Pilot at United Airlines. Episode 762 A Curtis P-40 Pilot and a United Assistant Chief Pilot.

Roger Sands, the co-founder and CEO of Wyebot, a company that provides AI-driven WiFi automation for the WiFi industry. Episode 761 Airline WiFi.

Betty Ann Hagenau is the Founder and Executive Director of the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC) and Airport Initiative. BAATC has created a targeted approach to disrupt the cycle at frontline industries: airports, apartments, and hotels. BAATC brings human trafficking identification training to airport employees. Episode 749 Human Trafficking at Airports.

Brendan Palmer is a mechanical engineer who designs modifications and fabricates parts for special needs at mission aviation organization JAARS. His wife Allie Palmer is an aircraft mechanic, working primarily in avionics. As a hobby, the couple is constructing a KR-2S home-built aircraft. Episode 748 JAARS Mission Aviation.

Dave Pascoe is the founder and CEO of, the world’s largest aviation radio voice data collection. Episode 746 Live ATC Transmissions.

Mikko Turtiainen is the Director of Sales, The Americas for Condor Airlines. He’s responsible for leading sales, strategy, and growth in North America. Episode 742 Condor Airlines.

Nikki Malcom is the CEO and Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA), a non-profit trade association that promotes the growth and global competitiveness of the Pacific Northwest aerospace cluster. Episode 741 Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance.

Mark Ross-Smith is an award-winning global airline loyalty industry leader. He’s an author, the founder of industry news site Travel Data Daily, and the CEO of Status Episode 740 Status Match.

Dan Rutherford is a Program Director at the International Council on Clean Transportation. The ICCT works to improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency of road, marine, and air transportation. Episode 739 Decarbonizing Aviation.

Brooke Manley is an Air Traffic Controller and Adjunct Professor at SUNY Schenectady in New York, one of only two colleges in the country that offers an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator (CTO) certification program. Episode 738 Air Traffic Control.

Jon Ostrower is Editor-in-chief of The Air Current, a high-quality subscription news source for current aviation topics. His journalism career includes positions at CNN, WSJ, and Flightglobal. Jon has joined a start-up team developing an entirely new type of flight sim controller, the Yawman Arrow. Episode 737 Flight Sim Controller.

Earl Lawrence is the Chief Compliance and Quality Officer at Xwing, a Part 135 air carrier operating across the United States. The company is building an air transportation system of certified autonomous aircraft, starting with the express regional air cargo market. Earl was previously the Executive Director of Aircraft Certification at the FAA. He was with the EAA for sixteen years. Episode 736 Autonomous Aircraft.

Robert Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Reliable Robotics, a company that seeks to bring certified autonomous vehicles to commercial aviation. Their vision is to leverage aircraft automation to transform the way we move goods and people around the planet with safer, more convenient, and more affordable air transportation. Episode 735 Aircraft Automation.

Carol Dean is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the non-profit Grand Dames of Aviation, an exclusive group of accomplished women in professional aviation that celebrates, educates, and inspires women to believe, achieve, and lead in aviation. Episode 734 Grand Dames of Aviation.

Isaac Alexander from Hype Aviation and the organizer of the Seattle Aerospace BBQ; Robin Koenig, the founder of Hype Aviation; Nick Benson of, the smart flight alert service for aviation enthusiasts; and Dave Honan, a photographer and plane and train spotter living in the Seattle area. Episode 734 Grand Dames of Aviation.

Jon Page is the President of Pexco Aerospace, a company that produces aircraft interior systems, including trim and finish components. Pexco developed AirShield, a cabin air management technology that augments existing HEPA filters. Episode 732 Cabin Air Management.

Christopher J. Chaput, the President DG Fuels, LLC, a producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Episode 731 Bits and Pieces 30.

Dr. Uri Yerushalmi, the co-founder and chief AI officer at Fetcherr, an Israeli tech company that developed a proprietary AI-powered engine that predicts demand and enables continuous pricing for the airline industry. Episode 731 Bits and Pieces 30.

Stuart Vella, Vice President of Commercial Development and Operations with the Plaza Premium Group (PPG), an award-winning leader in premium airport hospitality services. Episode 729 Airport Lounges.

Steve Carlson is the Senior Manager of Communications for T-Mobile. The company has launched a suite of travel benefits and a hard-sided suitcase with wireless (and USB-C) charging. Episode 728 Safety Cards and Carry-on Luggage.

Trisha Ferguson is the owner of The Interaction Group, a company that designs and creates airline safety cards for leading airlines such as American, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Canadian carriers, and Etihad Airways. Episode 728 Safety Cards and Carry-on Luggage.

Charlie Tyson is the Technology Activation Manager at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), in the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. Episode 727 Air Mobility Solutions.

Christopher Browne, the John and Adrienne Mars Director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Dr. Jermery Kinner, the Associate Director of Research and Curatorial Affairs at the National Air and Space Museum. Beth Wilson, an educator at the Museum. Episode 724 National Air and Space Museum.

Ryan Jones, founder and CEO of Flighty, the flight tracking app that pulls together a number of tools for flyers into one application. Episode 722 Flight Tracking with Flighty.

Isaac Alexander is the Chief Content Officer for Hype Aviation, a news aggregator and media intelligence service for aerospace industry professionals and enthusiasts. Episode 721 Hype Aviation News Aggregator.

Julie Melnick is the founder and CEO of SkySquad, which provides an extra set of helping hands at the airport for people who need assistance. John and Martha King are the legendary producers of pilot training programs at King Schools. Now the couple has written a new book about their life lessons. Episode 720 SkySquad.

Katie is the Crew Chief for Team Coddiwomple, Jim Lynch pilots the “Whirlaway” balloon, spectator Linda C gives her impressions of the drone show, Glen Moyer is the editor of Ballooning: Journal of the Balloon Federation of America (BFA) and also one of the two show announcers at the Balloon Fiesta. Episode 719 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2022.

Vince Howie is the CEO of Aircraft Towing Systems World Wide, LLC (ATS), working to lessen the considerable cost and environmental impact of aircraft movement on the ground. Episode 718 Aircraft Towing.

Amira elAdawi is an expert merger consultant who has worked with Fortune 100 companies, government entities, and international organizations on mergers and acquisitions. Episode 717 Jetblue/Spirit Merger.

Sophie Mills, Sharon Utting, Emma Hawksworth, and Vicky Bhogal-Hunt work for Air Navigation Solutions Ltd. (ANSL), the air navigation services provider for Edinburgh and Gatwick airports. Episode 716 Air Navigation Services.

JJ Frigge is president of Hartzell Propeller. He’s responsible for all operating elements of the business including the development and execution of Hartzell Propeller’s strategy. Episode 716 Air Navigation Services.

Dr. Mica Endsley is the Government Relations Chair for the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society (HFES). She’s also president of SA Technologies, a situational awareness research, design, and training firm. She was formerly the Chief Scientist of the United States Air Force. Episode 715 Airline Seats.

Dave Pascoe is the founder of, a popular resource for those who enjoy listening to and talking about Air Traffic Control. Episode 715 Airline Seats.

Justin Robins is Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Evangelism at UJET, a company that provides a cloud-based call center application that integrates with CRM (customer relationship management) solutions. Episode 714 Airline Contact Centers.

Kevin “K2” Larosa is a sought-after pilot and Hollywood aerial coordinator who has worked on over 100 different motion picture and commercial productions. He’s known for his work on major blockbusters like Top Gun Maverick, The Avengers, Iron Man, Transformers, and The Last Knight. Episode 714 Airline Contact Centers.

Tami Ueda-Heuer was an insurance claims adjuster with a passion for aviation. She managed to pay her way through flight school, became a flight instructor, got married and had a child, and flew charter and regional. Her persistence paid off and she is now the First Officer on a Boeing 777 for a major US airline. Episode 713 Women Aviators.

Lt Rachel Hardinger USMC is a Marine pilot-in-training on the MV-22 Osprey with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Training Squadron 204. Episode 713 Women Aviators.

Mirko Hahn, founder, and CEO of AeroSys, a company developing AI-based Goose, the world’s first certified digital co-pilot for commercial and general aviation. Episode 712 Digital Co-pilot.

Maria Harrison-Dooley is the founder of You Fly Gal, an organization that provides scholarships and support for women student pilots. Maria earned her Private Pilots License at the age of 68, and lives by the motto, “Flying is my passion, inspiration is my mission.” Episode 711 Women Student Pilots.

Melissa Gonzalez was a flight attendant aboard Miami Air International Flight 293, a charter from Guantanamo Bay with military and civilian personnel. While attempting to land on an ungrooved runway in heavy rain at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the Boeing 737-800 overran the runway, crashed over the seawall, and came to a rest in the St. Johns River. Episode 710 Plane Crash.

At the introduction of the University of Maine Agusta’s new Cirrus SR20, we speak with Lt John Warren, Maine Air Guard KC-135 Pilot and UMA Graduate; Maj. Gen. Douglas A. Farnham, Adjutant General, Maine; Amber Kochaver, a recent Program graduate; Dr. Joseph Szakas, Interim President UMA; and Greg Jolda, Aviation Program Director. Episode 709 Aviation Training.

At the 25th Annual Spurwink Farm Fly-In and Pancake Breakfast, we speak with Fred Wilcoxen about his Bede BD-5 micro-homebuilt airplane, Douglas Corrigan on his story about getting the aviation bug as a youngster and now working ATC, retired military pilot JD who now flies long-haul cargo in a Boeing 777, Mike Smith on his beautiful Sonex, former NASA chief historian Bill Barry, and MaryLou Sprague on the 40-stall family-owned boarding facility that is home to the airstrip. Episode 708 Spurwink Farm Fly-In.

John Lehne is the facilities manager for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute, located at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. The Air Force One Pavilion holds SAM 27000, the Boeing VC-137C used as Air Force One for seven U.S. presidents. Episode 707 Boeing 707.

Johnny Jet is a well-known travel and technology expert who provides tips, guides, articles, and a newsletter to help the traveler with ticket booking, points and rewards, and credit cards. Episode 706 Airport Flight Delays.

Kenneth P. Katz is the author of The Supersonic BONE: A Development and Operational History of the B-1 Bomber. Episode 704 The Supersonic B-1 BONE.

Scott Gilmore is the Global Vice President and GM of Aviation at, a company that provides an aviation weather and climate security platform. Episode 701 Aviation Weather.

Ann Hood is the author of Fly Girl: A Memoir where she reveals how she went from being a small-town girl with big-time dreams to flying for TWA as a flight attendant. Episode 700 Flight Attendant.

Richard Thacker is the Director of Strategy and Operations at Atlantic Aviation, one of the largest FBO networks in the U.S. Episode 695 Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

Edmond Huot is chief creative officer and partner at Forward Media, as well as its design division Forward Studio. His team designed the livery for Northern Pacific Airways. Episode 694 Airline Livery.

George E. Bye is the founder, CEO, and chairman of Bye Aerospace, developing the eFlyer all-electric airplane. Episode 693 Bye Aerospace Electric Airplane.

Dan Streufert is the president and founder of ADSBexchange, a flight data aggregation co-op that employs 7500+ volunteer-run ADS-B receivers throughout the world, ingesting 500,000 – 900,000 ADS-B messages per second. Episode 692 ADSBexchange.

Paul H. Bradbury, P.E. is the airport director for the Portland International Jetport (PWM) in Portland, Maine. The Jetport is planning a major runway rehabilitation project. Episode 691 Runway Rehabilitation.

Charles (Charlie) F. Bolden Jr. was the NASA administrator from 2009 to 2017, a former astronaut who flew on four Shuttle missions, a retired United States Marine Corps Major General, and the Founder and CEO Emeritus of the Charles F. Bolden Group. Episode 690 Charlie Bolden.

Thomas P. Turner is Executive Director of the Air Safety Foundation, part of the aircraft type club American Bonanza Society (ABS). He also publishes the popular FLYING LESSONS Weekly blog. Episode 689 Aircraft Type Club.

Jackie Ulmer produces the Pilot Wife Podcast which helps aviation families navigate life. She’s been married to an airline pilot for over three decades, so she has more than a little experience living with a commercial pilot. Episode 688 A Pilot Wife.

Benét J. Wilson, known as the Aviation Queen, is a senior editor at The Points Guy (TPG), which publishes hands-on advice to help readers maximize their travel experiences. Episode 686 The Aviation Queen.

Pete Zaccagnino is the CEO of PC Aviators, an aircraft management company. He’s also a four-time Air Racing Gold Champion in the Jet/Sport Class, an author, a speaker, a former aerodynamics professor, and an Embry-Riddle graduate. He has flown over 23,000 hours in more than 270 aircraft types and he’s flight-tested over 685 aircraft. Episode 685 Aircraft Management.

Andrew Barker is the Senior Director, Sales Marketing, Urban Air Mobility and Unmanned Aerial Systems at Honeywell Aerospace. Episode 684 Honeywell Advanced Air Mobility.

Peter Robison is an investigative journalist for Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek, and the author of Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing. Episode 683 Boeing 737 MAX.

Sim Shain is the Founder and CEO of ParaFlight EMS and, a lifesaving organ transplant aviation company with an on-call network of jets, helicopters, and emergency transport vehicles. Episode 682 Organ Transplant Flights.

Ward Carroll is a former F-14 Naval Aviator who spent 20 years as an F-14 Radar Intercept Officer, a military journalist, the author of the bestselling Punk trilogy about life in an F-14 squadron, and a YouTube content creator. Episode 680 F-14 Tomcat.

Erika Armstrong is an aviation professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver, the Vice President of Business Development and Director of Instructional Design at Advanced Aircrew Academy and the author of A Chick in the Cockpit. She has had an extensive career as a Red Cross, charter, corporate, cargo, hazmat, and air ambulance pilot and captain. She flew 28 different aircraft before going to the airlines and eventually becoming captain on a B727-200. Episode 679 Teaching the Next Generation of Pilots.

Arnie Quast is a new Boeing 787 Captain for United Airlines based at Chicago-O’Hare International Airport. He has been a pilot at United for 31 years, and has flown as a crewmember in just about every aircraft type United has in their fleet. Episode 676 Boeing 787.

From Cranky Dorkfest 2021: Brett Snyder (Cranky), Isaac Alexander, JL Johnson (AirlineReporter), Ben Granucci (NYCAviation), Tim and Greg (Big Ass Fans), Bob Ruple, Allie, Kevin (Airline Videos Live), Phil Derner (NBAA and NYCAviation), Justin Erbacci (CEO Los Angeles World Airports), and Courtney Miller (The Air Current). Episode 674 Cranky Dorkfest 2021.

Steve Hinton is president of the Planes of Fame Air Museum and the owner of Fighter Rebuilders. Episode 673 Planes of Fame.

William M. (Bill) Sunick is Head of Tiltrotor Marketing at Leonardo. Their AW609 is the first commercial tiltrotor to enter the market and the world’s first pressurized cabin tiltrotor. Episode 672 Leonardo AW609 Tiltrotor.

Reyné O’Shaughnessy was a commercial airline pilot for over 34 years. Now retired, she focuses on awareness about pilot mental health and mental wellness in the aviation industry. Episode 671 Pilot Mental Health.

Bob Mikkelson is the president and founder of Winged Vision, a pioneering leader in aerial sports broadcasting and the largest operator of stabilized aerial camera systems for sports coverage in the country. Episode 670 Aerial Sports Broadcasting.

Dr. Luuk van Dijk is CEO and co-founder of Daedalean, a Zürich-based startup developing flight control software for autonomous flight. The eventual goal is to create an AI pilot that measurably outperforms human pilots. Episode 669 Daedalean Flight Control Software.

Mike Busch is the founder and CEO of Savvy Aviation, which provides aircraft maintenance services for the owner-flown General Aviation industry. Episode 667 Savvy Aviation.

Tom Risen is the North America Air Transport Reporter for Cirium, a global aviation data company. Episode 666 Airline Recovery.

Ryan Waguespack, Sr. VP of the National Air Transportation Association; and teTra Aviation CEO Tasuku Nakai and Engineer Koya Kuwamura. Episode 664 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021 – Part 2.

Pilots Jim Brown, Shawn Moody, Bunk Chase, Mike Smith, and Ron Edson. Episode 662 Spurwink Farm Fly-In.

Sergio Fukamati, the aerial firefighting director at SEI Industries Ltd., maker of Bambi Buckets. Episode 661 Bambi Buckets for Aerial Firefighting.

Dewy Larson, is the owner of DreamBIG Entertainment LLC, a company that gives you the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet. Episode 659 Jet Fighter Cockpit.

Ellie Carter was Britain’s youngest solo glider pilot, youngest single-engined PPL holder, and currently qualifying for her aerobatic and IFR ratings. Episode 658 Helping Youngsters in Aviation.

Robert Yanacsek, the CEO of FROST (the Fast Response Operational Safety Team); Nana Palmer, the manager of Delta Charlies restaurant bar and grill at Dallas Executive Airport, KRBD; Josh Harnagel, Vice President of Marketing at Redbird Flight Simulations in Austin, Texas, and young Ethan about the EAA Young Eagles Program. Episode 657 Bits & Pieces XXIX.

Willie Cruickshank, Race Series Director for the World Championship Air Race (WCAR), sanctioned by the FAI. Episode 656 World Championship Air Race.

Josh Harnagle, Vice President, Marketing, Redbird Flight Simulations; Pilot Nicki; Sandy Sanderson about Project 404, the Ravens, and the Air America Association; Hank Coats, the CEO and president of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and Nancy McGee, Vice President of Education; Major Danny Gill with the United States Air Force 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron; and Dennis Klotz and Trent McMillan representing the Flying Musicians Association. Episode 655 Bits & Pieces XXVIII.

Dr. Geoffrey Bower, Chief Engineer at Archer Aviation, a California-based startup in the emerging Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry. Episode 653 Archer Aviation eVTOL.

Recorded live on the deck of Sun ‘n Fun Radio on April 14, 2021: Lt. Col. Trevor “Boat” Boswell on the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Episode 650 Live at Sun n Fun 2021.

Jon Damush is the CEO of Iris Automation, which provides onboard detect and avoid technology for Beyond Visual Line of Sight drone flights. Episode 649 Detect and Avoid.

John Zimmerman, a pilot and vice president at Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Episode 646 Pilot Shop.

Loretta Hall captured the memoir of the extraordinary woman aviator, Wally Funk, in the book Higher, Faster, Longer: My Life in Aviation and My Quest for Spaceflight. Episode 645 Woman Aviator.

Dave Hall is the co-founder and owner of MotoArt, which sells high-end aviation-inspired furniture and art designs constructed from aircraft parts. Dave is also the founder/owner of PlaneTags – collectible, three-inch oval-shaped luggage tags made from authentic aircraft skin. Episode 644 Aviation Art Designs.

Katie Murphy is a Supervisory Aeronautical Information Specialist in the FAA’s Aeronautical Information Services Visual Charting Team. Katie has worked with both VFR and IFR charts for over 17 years. Episode 643 Aeronautical Charts.

Fred Murphy is the founder and president of FEAM which provides aircraft line maintenance engineering services for commercial aircraft operators through a wide network of line stations. Cam Murphy is the managing director of FEAM and is the second generation in his family business. Episode 642 Aircraft Line Maintenance.

Chris Eads is Senior Director, Outreach and Events for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Episode 641 AOPA Events for 2021.

Kathy Mexted is a writer, photographer, and editor of AirSport Magazine from Sport Aircraft Association Australia, a general aviation organization. She’s written for several publications and her recently published book is titled Australian Woman Pilots, Amazing True Stories of Women in the Air. Episode 640 Australian Women Pilots.

Ron Connolly is Director of Museum and Education with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and a U.S. Army veteran pilot who previously served as an EAA Aviation Museum docent and tour guide. Episode 639 AeroEducate.

Bob Vander Meer is vice president of business development for NV5 Geospatial (Powered by Quantum Spatial), which collects and analyzes geospatial data that airports use for planning, regulator compliance, and operations. Episode 638 Geospatial Data for Airports.

Henry Harteveldt is a well-known travel industry analyst and founder and president of Atmosphere Research Group. Episode 637 Travel Industry.

Kristin “Beo” Wolfe is a pilot with the United States Air Force F-35 Lightning II Demonstration Team. Episode 634 The F-35 Demo Team.

Jason Miller is an award-winning CFI with more than 20 years of experience. He is the founder of the original flight training podcast, The Finer Points, and is the host of a flight training channel on YouTube. Episode 632 Flight Training with Jason Miller.

Adam Spink has been an air traffic controller at the Heathrow Airport tower for 22 years. He’s also an instructor, examiner, and supervisor. Adam’s main job is in the Procedures and Development office working on new procedures and equipment. Adam also acts as deputy manager of the ATC team for the Royal International Air Tattoo airshow (RIAT) held at RAF Fairford in the UK. Episode 629 Boeing 737 MAX Return to Service Airworthiness Directive.

Brett Snyder is the president of Cranky Flier LLC. He produces the well-respected Cranky Flier blog and operates the Cranky Concierge air travel assistance service. Other content includes the Cranky Talk podcast and the Cranky Daily which offers the day’s top five airline stories. Episode 628 Cranky Flier.

Josey Billington is the Director of Flight Operations for Quantum Spatial, an NV5 company. Quantum Spatial became the first full-service geospatial company to achieve International Standards for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) certification. This designation was developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and verifies that the company’s flight operations division has adopted the best practices necessary to reach the highest levels of safety, security, and professionalism in its airborne data acquisition activities. Episode 626 Aviation Safety Culture.

Alvin Drew Jr. is the Department of Defense Liaison at NASA Headquarters and a cofounder of the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship. That organization is designed for Black and African-American students who are looking for their first aerospace internship. Alvin is also a former USAF combat pilot and an astronaut with over 600 hours in space. Episode 625 Aerospace Internships.

Christopher S. Combs, Ph.D. is the Dee Howard Endowed Assistant Professor in Aerodynamics at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Department of Mechanical Engineering. He currently leads a group of graduate and undergraduate students studying problems related to hypersonic aerothermodynamics. Chris is also leading the construction of a Mach 7 wind tunnel facility at UTSA. Episode 622 Hypersonic Flight.

Jason Shively is the Director of Engineering at Oshkosh Corporation and Jack Bermingham is a Senior Product Manager. We talk about Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles, specifically the Striker line that Oshkosh produces. Episode 621 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF).

Eileen Bjorkman is an author who tells veteran’s stories, a speaker, and a retired U.S. Air Force colonel with 700+ hours of flying time as a flight test engineer. Her book Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin: A Story of the U.S. Military’s Commitment to Leave No One Behind, tells the story of a U.S. Navy pilot who ejected from his F-8 fighter after being hit on November 18, 1965, over a target in North Vietnam. Episode 618 Leave No One Behind.

Olga E. Custodio is a Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force Reserves (ret), and a retired American Airlines captain. She was the first Latina to complete U.S. Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training and graduate in the top 5% of her class with a fighter qualification to fly the T-38 as an instructor pilot. Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador, Ana Uribe Ruiz is co-president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Women in Aviation International. Jacqueline S. Ruiz is a visionary social entrepreneur who was born in Mexico City. They are among those desctibed in the book Latinas in Aviation. Episode 616 Latinas in Aviation.

Buck Wyndham became one of the first pilots to take the A-10 Thunderbolt II into battle and he flew combat missions during Operation Desert Storm. His new book is titled Hogs in the Sand: A Gulf War A-10 Pilot’s Combat Journal. Currently, Buck is an A320 captain for a major US airline, and he is the Chief Pilot for Code 1 Aviation in Rockford, Illinois. Episode 613 A-10 Thunderbolt II.

Miami Rick flew 777 freighters with LAN and was also a passenger pilot on the 767 and 757. He moved on to fly air cargo on the 747, including the 747-8 and the Dreamlifter, and recently transitioned from the right seat of the 747 to the left seat of the 767 freighter. Episode 610 Air Cargo.

Scott E. Ashton is president and CEO of Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems, which designs and manufactures aviation oxygen systems and accessories. Scott is an aerospace industry executive with more than 25 years of experience working for such leading companies as Sikorsky, General Electric, and Goodrich. Episode 608 Aviation Oxygen Systems.

Martin Tuck is a technical marketing advisor with Textron Aviation and talks to us about the new Cessna SkyCourier. Episode 606 Cessna SkyCourier.

Benjamin Youngstrom is the founder of CirroStratus Airship Company. Episode 605 Bits & Pieces XXVII.

Scott Butler is chief commercial officer of Ascent Aviation Services, one of the largest aircraft storage, maintenance, and reclamation operations in the world. Ascent provides fully integrated aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), line maintenance, storage, reclamation, paint, and interior services to owners, operators, and lessors of wide-body, narrow-body, and regional aircraft. Episode 604 Aircraft Storage.

David “Taz” Costa is a jet airshow demonstration pilot flying the TS-11 Iskra, an advanced military jet trainer. He also hosts the RenegadeAV8R Radio Show and is CEO of Renegade Jets. David is an airline transport pilot with over 15,000 hours of flight time in over 100 different makes and models of aircraft. Episode 603 The RenegadeAV8R.

Chris Mano writes the Jethead blog and has published a start-to-finish true-life story of his 42 years as a professional pilot, which includes seven years with the USAF and over 34 years with American Airlines. It’s titled “An Airline Pilot’s Life.” Episode 602 The Life of a Pilot.

Lidor Revah is CEO and co-founder of Imperium Jets, a company that matches business aviation operators with brokers and travel agents. Episode 601 Business Aviation.

Tom Risen is a space and aviation reporter based in Washington, DC. He is co-authoring a book about government oversight, he’s the web editor and reporter for Future Flight News, and was formerly technology and business reporter at U.S. News & World Report, and a staff reporter for Aerospace America. Episode 599 One Less Than 600.

Annamarie Buonocore is associate publisher and a second-generation owner of In Flight USA Magazine. Based in Silicon Valley, the magazine primarily serves the business and general aviation communities, as well as student pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Episode 596 In Flight USA Magazine.

Peter Wagner is board president of Airport Watch, a crime prevention initiative that includes people who have an interest in various aspects of aviation and who spend time in the vicinity of the O’Hare Airport to observe the various airport operations. These airplane spotters provide safety and security value to the airport, law enforcement, businesses and the local community. Episode 595 Airport Watch.

Arpad Szakal is aviation and aerospace lead at Cellence Plus, an executive search and assessment firm. He is an aviation attorney who earned a Master of Laws in Air and Space Law (LL.M. Air & Space) from Leiden University. He also authored Is gender still holding women back in the aviation industry?, which was published in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerospace magazine, as well as in the Newsletter of the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA). Episode 593 Women in the Aviation Industry.

Richard Aboulafia is Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group. He manages consulting projects for clients in the commercial and military aircraft field. He writes and edits Teal’s World Military and Civil Aircraft Briefing, he writes numerous articles in Aviation Week, Aerospace America, and other publications and he is frequently cited as an aviation industry authority by trade and news publications. Episode 590 Richard Aboulafia.

Tom Haines is Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President of Media, Communications, and Outreach for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). He oversees the publication of AOPA Pilot magazine, Flight Training magazine, the weekly AOPA ePilot electronic newsletter, the Flight Training edition of ePilot AOPA Online, and the association’s video-on-demand channel, AOPA Live. Episode 588 Aircraft Insurance.

Teresa De Mers is Executive Vice President of Lightspeed Aviation responsible for marketing and corporate development. She is also a member of the company’s board of directors. Episode 587 Lightspeed Aviation.

Dirk Singer is the creative director at the SimpliFlying aviation marketing consulting firm, as well as the editor of Airline Marketing Monthly, an aviation marketing trade magazine. Episode 586 Flight Shaming.

Dave Homewood is the New Zealander behind Wings Over Cambridge, Wings Over New Zealand, and the planned Wings over Britain project, all capturing WWII aviation history. Episode 585 Wings Over New Zealand, Australia, and Britain.

David Graves is the founder and CEO of SkyVector, which provides worldwide aeronautical charts, online mapping, and related flight planning products and services. Episode 583 Flight Planning with SkyVector.

Trevor Norman is the national chapter coordinator for AERObridge, a non-profit organization that coordinates donated business and general aviation aircraft to provide disaster response in times of catastrophic emergencies. They transport critically needed items and personnel to where they are needed. Episode 581 AERObridge and Disaster Response.

Lee Human, president and CEO of AeroTEC, an independent provider of initial engineering, design, prototype manufacturing, testing, and airworthiness certification. Episode 578 Aircraft Certification.

WWII veteran Richard Hammond, tail gunner on the B-17 “Pig Chaser.” Episode 577 Garmin Autoland System.

Paul Wilson, chief engineer for the Bell V-280 Valor program. Episode 576 Bell V-280 Valor.

US Army Golden Knights team members SFC Roman Grijalva, SSG Morgan George, and CW4 Felicia Marlow. Also, Butch Wonderland, crew chief of the T-38 Spirit of Alliance. Episode 575 U.S. Army Golden Knights.

Stephen Newton is the founder and managing partner of the consultancy Elixirr. Stephen is a qualified pilot, an Airplane Geeks listener, and he’s produced a new series called Airtime where he interviews CEOs and founders of forward-thinking and disruptive companies. Episode 574 Airtime Videos.

The late Mac McCauley, pilot of the Collings Foundation B-17 that crashed at BDL in 2019. Episode 573 Collings Foundation B-17.

Tom Risen, an aviation reporter who covers the airlines, industry regulation, and electric flight at Cirium, a company that provides aviation industry data and analytics. Episode 571 Aviation Reporter.

Jeff Bolton tells the stories of the men, women, and families of the United States military. For more than 20 years he has been embedded in military commands, combat theatres, and natural disaster zones around the world. Jeff is the first person ever to film a B-2 stealth bomber cockpit tour narrated by the pilot in-flight. He also filmed a B-2 aerial refueling from the bomber’s cockpit. More recently, Jeff has taken a camera inside the B-52. Episode 570 Flying in the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

Sonia Greteman is the president and creative director of Greteman Group, an aviation-specialty marketing agency based in Wichita, Kansas. Episode 569 Wichita, Air Capital of the World.

Rob Mark, publisher of the Jetwhine blog and senior editor at Flying Magazine. Sam Bousfield, CEO of Samson Switchblade, a company working to create a hybrid car/airplane and bring it to market. Elise Wheelock, product marketing coordinator at Piper Aircraft. Sean Chuplis, CEO of Crew Dog Electronics. Pete Bitar, founder and CEO of Electric Jet Aircraft. From the Owls Head Transportation Museum: aircraft conservator Karl Erickson, volunteer Linda Grant, communications director Sophie Gabrion, and trustee John Harris. Episode 568 Bits & Pieces XXV.

Carol Garceau is the chairman of the North 40 flight line operations for EAA AirVenture. Episode 567 Dream Planes.

Jamal Wilson manages two of the FAA NextGen portfolios: performance-based navigation and separation management. Laura LeBan is co-founder and CEO of InfiniteFlight, while Jason Rosewell is the digital marketing director. Pilot LCDR Rob Mitchell, engineer Nick Underwood, and technician Todd Richards hunt hurricanes in a NOAA WP-3D Orion. Retired Vice Admiral Ralph Weymouth is 102 years old and currently the oldest living graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. Jay and Mary Honeck operate Amelia’s Landing, an aviation-themed hotel in Port Aransas, Texas. Episode 566 Aviation Conversations.

Harry Mitchel is chief operating officer of Airshare, a large provider of fractional and aircraft management services. Airshare operates Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 aircraft in the fractional space, and also provides managed aircraft services where they maintain, crew, and schedule the owner’s aircraft. Episode 565 Airshare COO Harry Mitchel.

Rick Kennedy retired after a 30-year career managing media relations at GE Aviation and he authored the book GE Aviation: 100 Years of Reimagining Flight. Episode 564 One Hundred Years of GE Aviation.

Joshua Marvil and Jack Long circumnavigated the globe three times in a Pilatus PC-12: one eastbound, one polar, and one westbound. They landed in more than 40 different countries and all seven continents. Episode 563 Circumnavigating the Globe in a Pilatus.

Paul H. Bradbury, P.E. is the airport director for the Portland International Jetport (PWM) in Portland, Maine. Episode 562 Portland International Jetport.

Martt Clupper plans to publish the Vintage Aviation print magazine to show the photographs and tell the stories of early aviation. Episode 561 Vintage Aviation.

Jason Zilberbrand is president & CTO of VREF Aircraft Value Reference and Appraisal Services. VREF delivers aircraft and engine data through online subscription services and published quarterly digests. The company provides valuations, appraisals, and litigation consulting services to a worldwide client base of aviation professionals. Episode 560 Aircraft Valuation with VREF.

Mike Lanier is president of Hoar Program Management (HPM), a company that provides program management services for construction projects. HPM was chosen by Boom Supersonic to manage the process of site selection, planning, design, and construction of Boom Supersonic’s first U.S. manufacturing facility for its Overture Mach-2.2 supersonic commercial airliner. Episode 559 Boom Supersonic Overture Facility.

Dick Knapinski is the director of communications for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Episode 558 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Preview.

Interviews from the 2019 Innovations in Flight Family Day and Outdoor Aviation Display include Betty Chen from the Vertical Flight Society, Jonathan and Thomas Baron, Peruvian air force pilot Oscar Gagliardi Kindlimann, students Kayvon and Alex from Bishop O’Connell High School, Smithsonian’s Family Day Coordinator Nick Murray, Victoria Neuville from the Stuck Mic AvCast, Capt. “Bear” Williams with the USAF 27th Fighter Squadron, regional jet pilot Frank No, Embraer 175 Captain Craig, Air & Space Magazine Art Director Ted Lopez, and Princess Aliyah Pandolfi from the Kashmir World Foundation. Episode 557 Innovations in Flight 2019.

From the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington: the CEO and president Matt Hayes, exhibit developer/adjunct curator for space history Geoff Nunn, and Director of Collections Amy Heidrick. Episode 553 Museum of Flight.

From the 2019 Planes of Fame Air Show: listener Matt Haines, Tech SGT Ryan Hutchison and Sr. Airman Kathryn Reaves with the F-16 Viper Demonstration Team, Michael Rogers and his daughter, Carl Scholl from Aero Trader and the owner and pilot of a B-25. Episode 552 Planes of Fame Air Show.

Ed Young, Executive Director of the Aerospace Center of Excellence in Lakeland, Florida; Cesia Lopez from family-owned AviationX Aircraft Interiors; high school student Trevor Simoneau from Chart it All; Tom Perkowski, co-founder and president of Eagle Cap Software; and glider pilot and competitor Laura Radigan. Episode 551 Conversations from Sun ‘n Fun.

Jennifer Storm is vice president of the AOPA Foundation. She oversees all aspects of the Foundation, including donor stewardship, major and planned gifts, annual giving, corporate grants, and operations. Episode 550 AOPA Foundation You Can Fly Challenge.

Armando Carrion retired after a 21-year career in the Air Force, most recently as enlisted aircrew on the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. He specialized in flying light tactical fixed wing, and special missions. Armando has volunteered with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for 25 years and commanded two different squadrons. Episode 549 Civil Air Patrol.

Aimée Brower works public affairs, donor relations, and education at the Champaign Aviation Museum in Urbana, Ohio. Episode 548 Champaign Aviation Museum.

High School student Leah; Mary Ann Cannon, Vice President of Commercial Engine Programs at Pratt and Whitney; Ninety-Nines Glenna Blackwell and Lori Plourd; former Air Force pilot Kristi Fleischmann from Acrojet; Debbie Reed, executive director of the New England Air Museum; University of Connecticut senior Alexis Coppola and Assistant Professor Dianyun Zhang from the Department of Mechanical Engineering; founder and president of Dreams Soar, Inc. Shaesta Waiz, who flew around the world solo in a Beechcraft Bonanza. Episode 546 Women Take Flight at NEAM.

Jeff Fellmeth, Lt Col, USAF (Ret), Captain on the Boeing 737-800 and the 737 MAX 8; and Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO. Episode 545 Boeing 737 MAX, Someone’s Got Some ‘Splaining to Do.

Blain Stanley, Aircare International Emergency Procedures Instructor; NBAA Senior Manager of Flight Operations and Regulations Brain Koester; Dave Brown, Sales Manager at Garmin; Russell Otowchits, Regional Sales Manager with Gogo Business Aviation; and Raymond Goyco from Baker Aviation. Episode 544 NBAA Regional Forum.

Carl Valeri is a flight instructor and airline pilot. He hosts the Aviation Careers Podcast and the Stuck Mic AvCast and you’ll find him on SUN ‘n FUN Radio. Carl also coaches the Polk State Flight Team. Episode 543 Aviation Career Opportunities.

Jennifer Coutts Clay is the principal of J. Clay Consulting and the author of Jetliner Cabins: Evolution and Innovation which examines the history, evolution, and development of airline cabin interiors in great detail. Episode 541 Airline Cabins.

Claire Schindler is the event coordinator for Sky Kids California, created to give children with special needs and disabilities the opportunity to fly a general aviation aircraft, free of charge. Claire is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she served as president of the local chapter of Women in Aviation International. She now flies the Falcon 7X for a private charter company. Episode 540 Sky Kids.

Sean Mobley is Docent Services Specialist with The Museum of Flight and he also hosts the Museum’s Flight Deck Podcast. Docent Thomas Gray was a member of the Boeing 747 first flight test team. Episode 539 Boeing 747 First Flight.

Mark Roboff is General Manager for Digital Transformation, Aerospace & Defense at DXC, with experience in artificial intelligence and related fields. Previously, he was a Global Solution Leader for Aerospace at IBM, and VP of Aviation at a prominent AI startup. Episode 538 AI and the Aviation Industry.

Stefan Strasser and Mike Strasser are the brothers behind the Chicken Wings comics. Their work is well known in the aviation community and is published globally in many different publications. Also, 10-year-old listener Jackson reports on his visit to visit the United Airlines flight training center in Denver. Episode 537 Chicken Wings Comics.

Tom Haines is Senior Vice President, Media, Communications & Outreach for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Episode 536 AOPA with Tom Haines.

Sherry Stein leads the identity management program at SITA Lab, the strategic technology research arm of SITA. Episode 535 SITA Lab and a Seamless Travel Experience.

George Kalbfleisch is Deputy Director of DC-8 Flight Operations for Samaritan’s Purse, an international Christian relief organization. Episode 534 Flying the DC-8 for Emergency Relief.

Sean Mobley from The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, race director for Red Bull Air Race Jim DimatteoCapt Skip “Loose” Lussier (USN retired) who flew President George W. Bush to the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, and an interview from the 15th anniversary of the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center with new director Dr. Ellen Stofan. Episode 533 Bits & Pieces XXIII.

Isaac Alexander is a freelance aviation writer who blogs, tweets, and posts as Jet City Star from the Pacific Northwest. Episode 532 A Jet City Star.

Greg Land is an IBM Global Industry Leader with responsibility for the Aviation, Hospitality, and Travel Related Services industry segment. Episode 530 Airlines and the Cloud: Creating Responsive Customer Service.

CJ Machado is a writer, a photojournalist with Homeland Magazine, an illustrator and founder/CEO producer of Love Amazingly Productions. She devotes all her projects to humanitarian causes and veteran advocacy, including the Normandy Jump 2019 documentary film. Episode 529 Normandy Jump 2019,

Roei Ganzarski is the CEO of magniX, a company developing high-power-density electric motors for aircraft propulsion. Episode 524 Electric Airplane Propulsion.

Keith O’Brien is the author of Fly Girls: How Five Daring Women Defied All Odds and Made Aviation History, a former reporter for the Boston Globe, a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, and a writer for the New York Times Magazine, Politico, and Slate. Episode 523 Fly Girls.

Dr. Patti Clark is Program Chair, MS in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability, at the College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide. She is also editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Aviation Management. Episode 522 Aviation is Your Future at ERAU.

Kelly Keller is the Central US Territory Manager for Appareo Systems, maker of the Stratus line of transponders for ADS-B systems. Episode 521 Appareo Systems ADS-B.

Jim Mayer is public relations manager for UPS Airlines, the official logistics provider for Expo 2020 Dubai. Episode 520 UPS Airlines.

Betty Thesky is a flight attendant with a major U.S. airline, produces the Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase podcast, and has authored several books. Episode 518 Betty in the Sky.

Jennifer Adams combines her experience in accounting with her passion for aviation by working in the accounting and finance department of a mid-sized midwestern airport. Episode 517 Back at the Airport.

Greg Jolda is the aviation program coordinator at the University of Maine at Augusta, as well as a lecturer in computer information systems. Episode 516 University Aviation Program.

Jon Ostrower is editor-in-chief of The Air Current, a subscription-based service providing in-depth industry analysis and news. Jon was previously editor of FlightBlogger for Flightglobal, a staff reporter covering aerospace at The Wall Street Journal, and aviation editor at CNN. Episode 515 Jon Ostrower’s The Air Current.

Pat Macha founded the all-volunteer Project Remembrance Team that is dedicated to facilitating the requests of next of kin who wish to learn more about the loss of loved ones in aircraft accidents. The Team has assisted more than one-hundred-fifty next of kin to fulfill their wishes for accident reports, maps, photographs and crash site visitations. Episode 514 Aircraft Crash Sites.

Dan Snyder is the chief operating officer of Neptune Aviation Services, an aerial firefighting company and the primary provider of large air tanker services to the United States Forest Service for more than 25 years. Episode 512 Aerial Firefighting.

Mike Karrels is an aircraft dispatcher for a major airline based in the United States. He owns a share of a vintage 1963 Beechcraft Musketeer and hosts the Flying and Life podcast which covers the duties of a dispatcher and dives into the complex details of airline operations and flight planning. Episode 511 Aircraft Dispatcher.

Nancy Pope is the Head Curator of the History Department at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. 2018 is the 100th anniversary of airmail service in the U.S. Episode 510 U.S. Airmail 100th Anniversary.

Henry H. Harteveldt is president of Atmosphere Research Group and a well-known analyst and advisor to the travel industry. Episode 509 New Distribution Capability for Airlines.

Col. Richard H. Graham was an SR-71 crew member, instructor pilot, Wing Commander, and airline pilot. He has written five books about the SR-71. Episode 507 SR-71, Owning the Airspace Above 60,000 Feet.

Erika Armstrong (the “Chick in the Cockpit”) was an international corporate and airline pilot, and she’s currently the Director of Instructional Design at Advanced Aircrew Academy and an aviation professor at Metropolitan State University in Denver, specializing in aircraft systems and propulsion. Episode 506 Erika Armstrong in the Cockpit.

Joe Duval is the chief test pilot and site leader for Honeywell Aerospace Flight Test Operations at Sky Harbor in Phoenix, Arizona, and is Honeywell’s corporate point of contact for the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. Episode 504 Honeywell Chief Test Pilot.

Moreno “Mo” Aguiari is the Executive Director of D-Day Squadron, an organization that plans to lead an American fleet of historic, restored C-47 World War II military aircraft in Daks Over Normandy in June 2019. Episode 503 D-Day Squadron and the C-47.

George Bye is the founder and CEO of Bye Aerospace, which focuses on electric and solar aircraft projects. Episode 502 Electric and Solar Aircraft from Bye Aerospace.

Mike Benjamin is Chief Technology Officer at OAG, a global provider of digital flight information for airlines, airports, government agencies, aircraft manufacturers, consultancies, and travel-related companies. Episode 501 OAG Travel Tech Innovation Survey.

Dave Shallbetter is Chairman of Sun ‘n Fun Radio and a long time volunteer at the annual Sun ‘n Fun International Fly-in and Expo. Episode 498 Sun ‘n Fun Radio.

Ken Krueger is Chief Engineer at Vashon Aircraft and principal designer of the Ranger R7 two-place aircraft. Episode 497 Designing an Airplane.

Greg Bowles is the Vice President of Global Innovation and Policy for the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Greg is responsible for identifying key technology opportunities and developing critical paths to success which will evolve the global safety, efficiency, and success of aviation. Episode 496 Electric Aircraft and New Technologies.

Steve Hinton is president of Planes of Fame Air Museum which has a collection of over 150 aircraft, more than 50 of which are flyable. Steve also pilots warbird heritage flights and flew the lead in a P-51 Mustang at the Superbowl LII opening ceremony. 495 Heritage Flights.

Amy Labus-Olson is the owner and president of Flight Training Technologies, LLC. which provides an online flight training management application for use by flight instructors, students, and Part 61 flight schools. Episode 494 Flight Training Management.

Charlene Fontaine is the founder and executive director of the Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association, Inc., a nonprofit that carries forward the legacy and history of the Depot Repair Squadron as well as all Flying Tigers. Episode 493 The Flying Tigers and the Forgotten War.

Igor Sikorsky III is the grandson of aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky and he conducts the annual “Sikorsky Weekend” at The Bradford Camps in the North Maine woods. Igor is a pilot himself and owns a Skyhawk on floats, which he uses regularly to ferry visitors to his camp and to fishing spots in Maine. Episode 491 Igor Sikorsky III.

Bill Palmer is an A350 captain and an instructor pilot/check airman. He is the author of Understanding Air France 447, Airbus A330 Normal Law: Putting fly-by-wire into perspective, and Airbus Flight Control Laws: The Reconfiguration Laws. Episode 490 The Airbus A350.

Chris Groh is an airport planner who works with airports of all sizes across the country, but his specialty is general aviation airports. Chris also co-founded an organization for innovation in aviation called Runway.VC. Episode 489 Airport Planner.

Bill Barry has been the NASA Chief Historian since 2010. He began work at NASA in 2001 after retiring from a 22-year career in the US Air Force. Bill worked in NASA’s international relations office for several years, and served as the NASA European Representative at the United States Embassy in Paris before being appointed NASA Chief Historian. A graduate, with honors, of the United States Air Force Academy, Bill also holds a Masters Degree from Stanford University and a Doctorate from Oxford University. Episode 488 NASA Chief Historian.

Dean Siracusa is the president and founder of Flying Eyes, a maker of eyewear for pilots and others. He is an SEL/IFR rated pilot, he owned and flew a rare Meyers 200, and Dean builds Black Rock City Municipal Airport (88NV) each year for the annual Burning Man event. Episode 487 Build an Airport then Take it Down.

Dr. Peggy Chabrian is president and founder of Women in Aviation International, which represents more than 13,000 women and men from all segments of the aviation industry including general, corporate, commercial, and military aviation. Episode 485 Women in Aviation International.

Steve Fushelberger is vice president at Holstein Aviation, one of the top ten business aircraft brokerage and acquisition firms worldwide by transaction volume. Episode 483 Aircraft Brokerage and Acquisition Services.

Matt Zuccaro is president of Helicopter Association International. HAI provides support and services to its members and to the international helicopter community. Episode 482 Helicopter Association International.

Dudley King is the founder and CEO of FlightBridge Inc., which provides booking and reservation services for General Aviation trips. Episode 480 General Aviation Trip Booking with Flightbridge.

Daniel Baker is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlightAware, the flight tracking data company that provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service companies as well as over 12,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions. Episode 479 Flight Tracking with FlightAware.

Benét Wilson is an aviation journalist, travel blogger and content writer. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Aviation Queen LLC, an aviation/travel writing, multimedia, and consulting business. Episode 478 United Says Goodbye to the Boeing 747.

Brian Rutherford is sales and marketing manager for Adventure Pilot, makers of iFly GPS air navigation solutions. Episode 477 Air Navigation with iFly GPS.

John McGinnis is founder and CEO of Synergy Aircraft LLC, a seed-stage company developing a quiet, roomy, fuel-efficient aircraft using advanced aeronautical and manufacturing technologies. Episode 476 Synergy Aircraft.

Arthur Rosen is a retired Judge, AOPA-ASN (Airport Support Network) for Scottsdale Airport (SDL), and Chairman Emeritus of the Scottsdale Aviation Commission. He served on the Super Bowl Committee for Aviation, he’s past President of the Arizona Soaring Association, and an aviation expert for ABC TV-Phoenix. Episode 474 The 2017 NBAA-BACE Convention.

Tomas Brødreskift is the CEO Equator Aircraft, which is developing the P2 Xcursion, a high-performance hybrid amphibious aircraft. Episode 473 Equator Aircraft P2 Xcursion.

Prospero “Paco” Uybarreta is head of Aircrew & Testing, and the chief test pilot for Martin Aircraft Company Ltd. The Martin Jetpack is an optionally piloted hovering air vehicle currently being developed and tested in New Zealand. Episode 472 The Martin Aircraft Jetpack.

Katie Pribyl is Senior Vice President, Aviation Strategy and Programs for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Katie is responsible for the organization’s You Can Fly program and the Air Safety Institute. Episode 471 Aviation Strategy and Programs at AOPA.

Andrew Kemmetmueller, Vice President, Aviation at Uptake, a predictive analytics company which uses data science to improve the passenger experience, keep airline operations running smoothly, reduce delays, and improve operating efficiency. Episode 470 Data Science and Predictive Analytics for Aviation.

Nicholas Rizzo is a Flight Training Technology Designer at Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. Nicholas has been flying supplies into the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey. Episode 469 Hurricane Disaster Relief.

Ryan Braun is the COO of uAvionix Corporation, offering a line of transponders, ADS-B receivers, and transceivers for GA and unmanned aircraft. Tim Trott conducts the interview for Episode 468 Bits & Pieces XIX.

Thomas Baron, Max Lord, and Justin Zhou won the 2017 EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize with their “Remora System” which takes sensor inputs and displays airspeed and angle of attack on a head-mounted display. All three are seniors at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Northern Virginia. Episode 467 EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize.

Richard Aboulafia is Vice President of Analysis at Teal Group. He manages both commercial and military consulting projects, and he analyzes broader defense and aerospace trends. Episode 465 Richard Aboulafia Returns at Last.

Steve Visscher is co-producer of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, an air show announcer, and now a business development manager for Bright Events – Wings Over Illawarra, “the Sydney Airshow.” Episode 464 Osh 2017, ATC, Airline Communication, and Airport Food.

Blake Scholl is founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic, the Denver startup seeking to build a commercially viable supersonic passenger aircraft. Episode 463 Boom Supersonic.

Mary Kirby is a long-time aviation journalist and the founder, editor, and publisher of the Runway Girl Network which delivers news and intelligence about the airline passenger experience industry. Episode 462 Runway Girl Network and the Passenger Experience.

George Palikaras is an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Metamaterial Technologies Inc. MTI is a smart materials and photonics company working on some difficult problems that involve light, including the threat to pilots of laser strikes. Episode 461 Aircraft Laser Strikes.

Dan Pimentel is a long-time aviation journalist, photographer, and graphic designer. He is the founder/publisher/editor of the Airplanista Aviation Blog. Episode 460 Aviation Social Media and Freelance Writing.

At the 2017 International Paris Air Show, we talk with Antonov Program Director-Deputy Chief Designer Aleksandr Khokhlov, Airplane Geeks listener Pauline from Electro Enterprises, Tim McMullen from W.L. Gore & Associates on aviation applications for Gore-Tex, Andre Huysentruit from MC2 Technologies on the UAV-Scrambler300 directional microwave anti-drone gun., Dafydd Williams from Renishaw on additive manufacturing with metals, and Tony Gaunt from ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker. Episode 459 Report from Paris Air Show 2017.

Jeanette Remak and Joe Ventolo Jr. from Phoenix Aviation Research tell the story behind the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan. Episode 458 The Intrepid A-12 Blackbird.

At the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum’s 2017 Innovations in Flight Family Day and Outdoor Aviation Display: United States Air Force Lieutenant General Chris Nowland, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations; Caroline Sheen, Photography and Art Editor for Air & Space Magazine; Christopher Watson, FAA Emergency Communications Program Manager; Harry Hartfield, Amazon Prime Air; middle-school student Kathryn; and 1972 Piper Cherokee 180 pilot Hillel Glazer. Episode 457 Innovations in Flight 2017.

Kitfox Aircraft owner John McBean and employee Brandon Petersen talk about the company and the kit plane market. Episode 455 Kitfox Aircraft.

In this Bits & Pieces episode, we talk with helicopter pilot Ernie Eaton; Big South Fork Airpark developer and partner Bill Armstrong; Captain Richards, Company Commander, F company 227 Aviation Battalion, and Sergeant ElbertLiam Hanna, a product specialist with Olympus Europe in Germany; at the Chino air show: Matt Haines, U.S. Air Force F-35A avionics specialist Staff Sgt Alexandra Dougherty; and Colonel Eddie Bentley of the Commemorative Air Force. Also, Allison Hoyt and  F-35 pilot Captain Roar. Episode 454 Bits & Pieces XVIII.

Matt Knapp is a Founder of Zunum Aero, a company that seeks to democratize access to high-speed travel through hybrid-electric regional airplanes. Episode 453 The Zunum Aero Electric Airplane.

Coverage of the 2017 Wings Over Pittsburgh air show included interviews with Captain Tim about the iconic Douglas C-54 Spirit of Freedom used in the Berlin airlift; Colonel Jeffrey A. Van Dooltingh, Commander of the 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station, Coraopolis, PA; Captain Randy Ball about his MiG-17; F-35 pilot Matt Gardner;  First Officer Mike Schrader about the Republic Embraer E-175; Lt CDr Andy Patterson about the P-8A Poseidon; and Airshow Director Major Charlie Baker. Episode 452 From the Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017 Air Show.

Carlos (Carl) Stebbings is the host of the Plane Talking UK Podcast. Episode 451 Talking About Planes with Carl Stebbings.

Kathy Dulson is a Boeing 757/767 pilot for a major legacy airline and on the Board of Directors of the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA), a non-profit organization that promotes advocacy and outreach, pilot careers, aviation safety, and social and professional networking. Episode 450 A Worldwide LGBT Aviation Community.

Dr. Remzi Seker, Professor of Computer Science and Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Master’s Program Coordinator, Cybersecurity Engineering at the Embry-Riddle College of Engineering. He’s also Director of the Cybersecurity and Assured Systems Engineering (CyBASE) Center, and Program Coordinator, MS Cybersecurity Engineering. Episode 449 Aviation Cybersecurity.

Capt. Tom Parsons, Assistant Chief Supervisor/Pilot and Scott Olson, VP Maintenance for Global SuperTanker Services, LLC. The company was formed in 2015 and acquired a B747-400 to use for aerial firefighting and other operations. Episode 448 Aerial Firefighting with the Global SuperTanker.

David Parker Brown is editor-in-chief and founder of Airline Reporter. With a team of over 30 writers located in 18 different cities, is a goto resource for aviation, travel, and airline industry content. Episode 447 Airline Reporter David Parker Brown.

Mike Busch is the CEO of Savvy Aviation and a co-founder of AVweb. Mike is one of the best-known A&P/IAs in general aviation and he writes the monthly “Savvy Maintenance” column in AOPA Pilot magazine. He also hosts free monthly EAA-sponsored maintenance webinars. Episode 446 Reliability Centered Maintenance for Aviation.

Matt Desch is the CEO of Iridium Communications, a satellite communications company that offers global voice and data coverage through its constellation of low-Earth orbiting (LEO) cross-linked satellites. Episode 445 Iridium Communications and Space 2.0.

Mark Baker is President and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). He is also chairman of AOPA’s Political Action Committee, chief executive officer for the AOPA Foundation, president of the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations representing pilots in 72 countries, and publisher of AOPA Pilot, the world’s largest aviation publication. Episode 444 AOPA President Mark Baker.

Jonathan “JB” Baron owns the first Shark UL in the Americas, and is the Shark Aero US representative and importer. He describes the process for bringing a new airplane into the U.S. Episode 442 Shark Aero.

Chris Kjelgaard reports on aviation and the travel-industry with more than three decades of experience. He is the founder and editor of the air and destination travel news website, a contributing editor to Runway Girl Network, and has been interviewed by television, radio, print, and online media on aviation and travel topics. Episode 441 Airlines, Destinations, and Strapping Yourself to the Perimeter Fence.

Robert Hamilton is president of Dynon Avionics, a leader in glass cockpit avionics for light aircraft. Episode 440 Glass Cockpit Avionics.

Paula Williams and her husband John formed aviation marketing specialty firm Aviation Business Consulting Inc. (ABCI) to bring the discipline and technology from the finance and education industries to the aviation industry. Episode 439 Aviation Marketing.

John Grant started his career with the airlines, and continued with aviation consultancy services. He is an OAG aviation analyst and produced the OAG Punctuality Report published January 2017. Episode 438 Airline and Airport On-time Performance.

Stephen Pope is the Editor in Chief of Flying magazine, an award-winning aviation journalist, and commercial pilot with multi-engine, instrument, and seaplane ratings. Episode 435 Flying Magazine’s Stephen Pope.

Raymond Paul Johnson is a trial attorney and pilot with a law practice that emphasizes product safety and liability, aerospace law, engineering-legal disputes, and technology related matters. We explore topics concerning aviation law. Episode 434 Aviation Law.

Ken VeArd is a private pilot and president of Pilot Partner, offering an electronic pilot logbook system and the CFI Dashboard. Episode 432 The Pilot Logbook.

Dominic Gates is the aerospace reporter for the Seattle Times. Episode 431 The Seattle Aerospace Scene.

Captain Nick Anderson flies the Airbus A340 and A330 on long haul flights, and was formerly an RAF fighter pilot. He also appears on the Airline Pilot Guy podcast. Episode 430 Captain Nick: Born to Fly.

Susan Friedenberg is President and CEO, Corporate Flight Attendant Training & Global Consulting, and an advocate for corporate aviation flight attendants. She held an Advisory Board position on the Corporate Pilots Association Board of Directors, was a member on the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Flight Attendant Committee, and served as the NBAA Flight Attendant Committee Vice Chairperson representing contract flight attendants. Episode 429 Corporate Flight Attendants.

Andy Bard, an expat and second officer at a major Asian airline, currently flying the Airbus 330 and A350. Episode 428 The Life of a Second Officer.

Brian J. Terwilliger, a licensed pilot and filmmaker who produced and directed the National Geographic movie Living in the Age of Airplanes, narrated by Harrison Ford and featuring an original score by the late Academy Award® winning composer James Horner (Avatar, Titanic). Episode 427 How the Airplane Changed the World.

Rod Rakic, co-founder of OpenAirplane, which makes renting an airplane as easy as renting a car, and FlyOtto, a service that matches travelers with professional pilots and certified general aviation aircraft. Episode 426 FlyOtto.

Mary Latimer created the nonprofit Girls in Flight Training (GIFT) Academy that gets women into the cockpit. Mary is a flight instructor, a designated pilot examiner, a retired air traffic controller, and an A&P mechanic. Episode 425 Getting Women into the Cockpit.

Martin Rottler, M.S., CFI, lecturer and the Industry Relations Coordinator for the Ohio State University’s Center for Aviation Studies in Columbus, Ohio. Episode 424 A Center for Aviation Studies.

Christine Negroni is a journalist, published author, speaker, and broadcaster specializing in aviation and travel. Her book, THE CRASH DETECTIVES: Investigating the World’s Most Mysterious Air Disasters, is a look at the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 in 2014, and other mysterious aviation accidents that have baffled the world. Episode 422 A Look at The Crash Detectives.

Steve Csonka is Executive Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) and he gives us an update on the development and commercialization of sustainable alternative jet fuels. Episode 421 Alternative Fuels for Aviation.

Cynthia Drescher is a professional travel journalist, a contributing digital editor at Condé Nast Traveler, and a contributing editor at the Runwaygirl Network. Episode 418 Airline Security and Safety.

Ihab Awad is the grand prize winner of the first annual EAA Founder’s Innovation Prize for his Airball concept designed to reduce accidents induced by loss of control. Episode 416 Reducing Loss of Control Accidents with Airball.

Jason Blair is an active single and multi-engine instructor. He is a National Association of Flight Instructors Master Flight Instructor, and an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. Episode 415 Airman Certification Standards.

Kyle Stewart is a travel editor for, a freelance travel writer, and he writes the Trip Sherpa blog. Episode 413 Pay the Airline for What’s Important.

Shashank Nigam is the CEO of SimpliFlying, a large aviation marketing strategy firm. We talk about airline branding strategies, the changes implemented by some of his airline clients to better serve the new connected traveler, how airlines should manage crisis, and the value of empowered employees. Episode 411 Making Airlines Remarkable.

Patrick Smith is an active airline pilot, air travel blogger, and author. He is curator of the Ask the Pilot website, and author of the NY Times bestselling book “Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel.” Episode 410 Ask Patrick Smith, He’s a Pilot.

Jesus Pereira founded Vet Air in 2015 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity that uses volunteer pilots and GA airplanes to provide veterans with air transportation to and from healthcare facilities. Episode 409 Vet Air: Flying Veterans in Need of Medical Care.

Jack Pelton, Chairman of the Board of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Episode 408 AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 Preview.

Matthew A. Johnston, president of the California Aeronautical University, which offers associate and bachelor degree level programs that are focused on students earning their degree to become a professional pilot. Episode 407 California Aeronautical University.

Commander Brian McGlaughin, USCG; Steve Lott, Director of Communications, The Boeing Company; Captain Caitlin Diffley, Regional Director for the United States Air Force Academy Admissions Office for the Northeast; Steve Maloney, contemporary artist, Take Me Home Huey; Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian. Episode 406 Innovations in Flight 2016.

Jenny Watts is an Airport Planner with Armstrong Consultants, Inc., a professional consulting engineering firm specializing exclusively in airports. She tells us about the airport master planning process. Episode 405 The Airport Master Planning Process.

Jennifer Adams works for the accounting department of a medium-sized airport in the midwest and she gives us a peek at some of the activities in the “back office.” Episode 404 Inside the Airport Office.

Ryan Ewing is the teenage founder and president of, a news site where a team of young journalists create the content. Episode 402 A Young Airline Geek.

Captain Shem Malmquist, FRAeS, Aircraft Technical and Engineering Chairman, FDX APLA, on aviation safety, including how aviation accidents can be viewed as emergent properties of complex systems. Episode 401 Aviation Accidents as Emergent Properties of Complex Systems.

John Croft is Senior Editor Avionics & Safety, Aviation Week & Space Technology. Episode 400 That’s a Lot of Episodes.

Jason Rabinowitz is a contributing writer for Mary Kirby’s Runwaygirl Network, a correspondent for AirlineReporter, a writer for Forbes, and the Data Research Manager for Routehappy, where he tracks the passenger experience. Episode 399 Differentiating Air Travel Products.

Scott Hamilton is the editor of Leeham News and Comment, which provides analysis along with the news, and the story behind the headline. Scott is known in the industry for his straight-shooting, call-it-like-it-is take on news and events. Episode 398 Scott Hamilton, Leeham News and Comment.

Susan Parson, Special Technical Assistant with the FAA Flight Standards Service, and editor of FAA Safety Briefing magazine. Episode 397 Airman Certification Standards.

Andrew Longley, Head of Recruitment – Flight Operations (Pilots) at Emirates, tells us about the employment model and career opportunities at the airline. Episode 396 The Emirates Employment Model.

Patricia L. “Trish” Beckman is a Navy Officer, a Flight Navigator, an Aircraft Dispatcher and an Aeronautical Engineer. Trish was the first American woman to qualify as a crewmember in both the F/A-18 and the F-15E, and now supports military aircraft flight test at Boeing Test & Evaluation. Episode 395 Trish Beckman Loves to Fly Fast.

Robert Goyer, VP, Editor-in-Chief, at Plane & Pilot magazine. Robert is an award winning aviation editor, journalist and photographer. For more than two decades he’s been documenting the world of personal aviation in words and photography. Episode 394 Plane & Pilot Magazine.

Thomas P. Curran, the author of Millionaire Legacy, tells us about the success strategies of Sean D. Tucker, Captain Julie Clark, and Captain “Sully” Sullenberger. Episode 393 Aviators Achieving Success.

Dr. Todd Curtis, aviation safety analyst, author, publisher, and founder of Todd is a frequent on-air aviation expert on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, CBC, BBC, Discovery Channel, NPR, and many other major news media outlets around the world. Episode 392 Aviation Safety with Todd Curtis.

Jack Pelton, Chairman of the Board of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the retired chairman, president, and chief executive officer for Cessna Aircraft Company. Episode 391 Jack Pelton, EAA Chairman of the Board.

Allan Schrader is founder and CEO of Lightspeed Aviation, a leading producer of active noise reduction headsets for aviation. Episode 390 Lightspeed ANR Headsets.

Sarah Rickman is an author of a number of books about the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), and the editor of WASP News, published by Texas Woman’s University (TWU), the home of the official WASP Archives. Episode 389 Women Airforce Service Pilots.

John Mollison, artist , writer, producer of the Old Guys and Their Airplanes documentaries. Episode 388 Connecting to the Legacy with John Mollison.

Greg BrownMaster Flight Instructor, author, photographer, and columnist for AOPA Flight Training magazine. Episode 387 Flight Training with Greg Brown.

Steve Hinton, record holding air racer, president of Planes of Fame Air Museum, owner of a military aircraft restoration company, worked on over 60 films. Episode 386 Steve Hinton and Planes of Fame.

James Fallows, American writer and journalist, national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, former editor of U.S. News & World Report, President Jimmy Carter’s chief speechwriter for two years, author of China Airborne. Episode 385 Even More Intellectually Stimulating Than Useful.

Ben Granucci. Standards Editor for, a New York City-based, globally focused aviation news, commentary, and enthusiast website. He is an avid aviation photographer and a lifelong avgeek. In addition to his work with NYCAviation, Ben also occasionally writes for Episode 384 Plane Spotting with Ben Granucci.

Henry Harteveldt, Noted analyst and advisor to the travel industry, founder of Atmosphere Research, formerly head of Forrester Research’s global travel research practice. Episode 383 Henry Harteveldt on Air Travel.

Betsy Case, Writer and the award winning author of Trailblazers: The Women of the Boeing Company. Episode 382 – The Women of the Boeing Company.

Boris Popov, Founder of Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS). Episode 381 – Ballistic Recovery Parachutes.

Tracy Gallo, Vice President of Flight Operations with SkyWest Airlines. Episode 380 – SkyWest Airlines.

Skúli Mogensen, CEO of WOW air, the low cost carrier from Iceland. Episode 379 – WOW Air and the Dubai of the North.

Nicolas Jackson, flight simulation enthusiast. Episode 377 – Flight Simulation on the PC.

Dick (“Van”) VanGrunsven, founder and CEO of kitplane maker Van’s Aircraft. Episode 376 – Van’s Aircraft Founder and CEO Dick VanGrunsven.

Brian Shul, Air Force fighter pilot, flew A-7D, flew A-10, taught at the Air Force’s TopGun school in the F-5B, SR-71 spy plane pilot. Episode 375 – Sled Driver Brian Shul.

Vicky Benzing, pilot, skydiver, aerobatic performer, and air racer. Episode 374 – Air Show Performer and Air Racer Vicky Benzing.

Ken Cage, owner and president of International Recovery & Remarketing Group, and on the Discovery Channel TV series Airplane Repo. Episode 373 – Airplane Repossession.

Edgar “E.T.” Tello, United Airlines Captain, Seabee owner and pilot. Episode 372 – Flying the Seabee.

Dr. Kevin Michaels, Vice President – Aerospace & MRO Practice at ICF International. Episode 371 – Kevin Michaels.

Linda Connell, Director of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System, and a Research Psychologist for NASA Ames Research Center. Episode 370 – NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System.

Jonathan Gaffney, President and CEO, of the National Aeronautic Association. Episode 369 – The National Aeronautic Association.

Jeff Potter, Chief Executive Officer of Surf Air, an all-you-can-fly private membership club for business and leisure travelers. Episode 368 – Membership Flights with Surf Air.

Don Sebastian, the “pre-buy guy” is President of Aviation Consulting Services Incorporated. Episode 366 – Getting Your Air Transport Pilot Certificate.

Steve Tupper, air boss at the GM Detroit River Days Airshow on the Detroit River 20-21 June 2015. Episode 365 – How to Run an Airshow.

Lucas Weakley, creator of The Logbook Podcast. Episode 364 – Aviation Stories.

Dr. Stephanie Plummer, physician, Airline Pilot Guy co-host, instrument-rated commercial pilot. Episode 362 The Doctor is in… Talking About Medical Issues.

André Borschberg, Solar Impulse project co-lead and pilot. Episode 361 –  Solar Impulse Pilot, a Cirrus Pilot, and an Oshkosh Debrief.

Rick Beach, Aviation Safety Chair of the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association. Episode 361 –  Solar Impulse Pilot, a Cirrus Pilot, and an Oshkosh Debrief.

Kimber C. Turner, author and retired airline pilot. Episode 360 – Different Sides of Aviation.

Jack Pelton, Chairman of the Board of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA); retired chairman, president, and chief executive officer for Cessna Aircraft Company; member of the board and past chairman of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA); served on the board of directors of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Episode 359 – Jack Pelton Previews AirVenture Oshkosh 2015.

Einar Enevoldson, co-founded the Perlan Project with the late Steve Fossett as a not-for-profit aeronautical exploration and atmospheric science research organization utilizing sailplanes designed to fly at extremely high altitudes. Episode 357 – Einar Enevoldson and the Perlan Project.

Mark Matzuka, Founder and President of, an online forum for pilots. Episode 356 – A Forum for Professional Pilots.

Elizabeth Borja, Reference Coordinator for the National Air & Space Museum ArchivesRoger Connor, Curator for Vertical Flight at the National Air & Space Museum; Hillel Glazer, aerospace engineer; Dave Klain, Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 owner and pilot; Gen. J.R. “Jack” Dailey, USMC (Ret.), John and Adrienne Mars Director of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Episode 355 – Innovations in Flight Family Day 2015.

Bob Velker, Business Liaison & Community Outreach Manager, Chino Airport (CNO), County of San Bernardino – Department of Airports. Episode 354 – Controlling the Airport Conversation.

Anthony Nalli, Executive Producer and Director of the television series The Aviators. Episode 353 – Passionate Aviators on TV.

Jennifer Rodi, senior air safety investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board in the Central Region. Episode 352 – Jennifer Rodi, NTSB Air Safety Investigator.

Scott B and Sandy Guthrie, Executive Producers and Co-Creative Directors of Antenna Films, producing the documentary film Looking Up, Way Up! The Burt Rutan Story. Episode 350 – Burt Rutan Is At It Again.

Craig Harwood, author of Quest for Flight, documenting the backstories in the quest for flight in America with American aviation pioneer John J. Montgomery as a framework. Episode 349 – John Montgomery and his Quest for Flight.

Harold Livingston, pilot in the Israeli War of Independence, seen in the feature-length documentary film Above and Beyond, produced by Nancy Spielberg and directed by Roberta Grossman. Episode 348 – Flying Above and Beyond.

Vince Donahue, founder and President of Vortex UAS, providing tailored solutions for businesses utilizing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) including pilot training, consulting, and other UAS services. Episode 347 – Training Pilots to Fly Unmanned Aircraft.

Michael Johnson, founder, President and CEO, member of the board of directors for Paramount Aviation Resources Group, which finds qualified crew members to fill vacancies, provides crew leasing services, flight services, and ferry services. Episode 346 – Flying for the Airlines as an Expat.

Sandy Ward, travel, tourism and hospitality industry veteran; Director of Sales and Marketing at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour in Washington State. Episode 345 – Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour.

Dr. Michael Budincich, flies doctors and medical supplies into rural clinics in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. Episode 343 – Germanwings Flight 9525.

Peter Bunce, President and CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA); member of the Arsenal of Democracy Executive Committee which commemorated the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day with a massive Washington DC warbird flyover on May 8, 2015. Episode 342 – Arsenal of Democracy Flyover.

Daniel Morley, aviation college student, Social Media Manager at Airline Geeks. Episode 341 – Youthful and Enthusiastic Airline Geeks.

Anthony Falzone, developer of the open source, public domain aircraft propeller design software named PROP_DESIGN. Episode 340 – Designing Aircraft Propellers.

Ken Curry, President/Owner of KC Aviation Consultants in Loveland, Colorado; former B-52 Stratofortress pilot. Episode 339 – Flying the B-52 in Two Wars.

Trevis Gardner, Accredited Airport Executive (AAE); Vice President of Operations, Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority; Chairman, Communications Committee, Southeast Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives. Episode 338 – The Most Important Mainstreet in any Town.

Steve Taylor, The Citadel graduate, U.S. Air Force pilot flying a C-130, former international airline captain, autobiography: Wheels Up: Sky Jinks in the Jet Age. Episode 337 – Sky Jinks in the Jet Age.

Don Sebastian, President of Aviation Consulting Services Incorporated with over 2,000 pre-buys and flight tests. Episode 336 – Airplane Pre-Buy.

Kent Scott, is CEO and founder of Trident 737 ER, LLC, which modifies the Boeing 737 into private/corporate jets. Formerly:  President and COO of Emery Worldwide Airlines, Senior Flight Training Captain at American International Airlines (Kalitta), VP-Flight Operations at Polar Air Cargo, captain at Evergreen International Airlines, Captain at Trans World Airlines, head of the 4,000-member TWA Pilot union. Episode 335 – Flying in Luxury.

Dr. Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian, pilot with commercial and instrument tickets. Episode 334 – The NACA Centennial.

Dennis Hazell, Manager, Customer Service, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; formerly with American Airlines. Episode 333 – The Airport Experience, From Roadway to Runway.

Al St. Germain, Senior Vice President, USA for inflight entertainment provider Spafax; publisher of APEX Experience, the official media platform for the Airline Passenger Experience Association; previously at Delta and United. Episode 332 – Inflight Entertainment with Spafax.

Peter Young, The Jetsetting Terrorist blog. Episode 331 – The Good, The Bad, and The TSA.

Ace Abbott, former F-4 Phantom pilot, Learjet corporate and charter pilot, Boeing 727 captain, author. Episode 330 – The Rogue Aviator.

William Herp, CEO and co-founder of Linear Air, holder of an Airline Transport Pilot certificate, single-pilot type-rated in the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet, Director of Operations of Linear Air’s Eclipse charter management company, CEO of Linear Air’s air taxi digital marketplace. Episode 329 – Air Taxi.

Brad Sheehan, Vice President of Flight Operations at ExpressJet Airlines. Episode 328 – ExpressJet Airlines Flight Operations.

Victoria Zajko, pilot, aviation insurance, co-host on the Stuck Mic AvCast, blogger, coauthor of the Turbo the Flying Dog book series. Episode 327 – Dogs and Drones.

Tim Kirkwood, flight attendant, President of aviation jobs board, author of The Flight Attendant Career Guide, Executive Director for Women in Corporate Aviation. Episode 326 – Aviation Job Boards.

Robert Sumwalt, Board Member, National Transportation Safety Board. Episode 325 – Conversation with an NTSB Board Member.

Dr. Kenneth Phillips, Aerospace Science Curator of the California Science Center. Episode 324 – The California Science Center.

George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace; Chairman of AEAC, the Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation; ATP rated pilot; former USAF instructor pilot in the Northrop T-38 Talon; C-141B Aircraft Commander; Desert Storm veteran. Episode 323 – A Solar-Electric Airplane.

Matt Fritz, KC-135 Instructor and Commander, leadership blogger, licensed commercial pilot. Episode 322 – Flying a KC-135 When the Ground is all Sparkly.

Benét Wilson, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Airways News, aviation blogger and writer. Episode 321 – Benet is the Aviation Queen.

Mary Kirby, aviation journalist, founder and editor of the Runway Girl Network, a B2B2C source for intelligence about the passenger experience. Episode 320 – The Passenger Experience.

Rachel Payne, FAST Aviation, an aircraft salvage company that locates airplanes, gets them back flying, or parts them out to support general aviation aircraft owners. Episode 319 – Aircraft Salvage.

Chris Gardner, founder and CEO of Sierra Hotel Aero, holder of the type certificate for the single-engine Navion airplane. Episode 317 – The Navion.

Maj. Gen. Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., (USMC-Ret.), NASA Administrator. Episode 316 – NASA’s Aeronautics Research.

Patrice Billings, speaker and consultant, first female police officer to become a helicopter pilot for a U.S. law enforcement agency. Episode 315 – Flying for Law Enforcement.

Ken Collins, U.S. Air Force Colonel (Ret.), SR-71 Blackbird pilot. Episode 314 – Bits & Pieces XIII.

Cathy Babis, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, pilot, flight instructor, ground instructor, air traffic controller, weather observer, and aviation chart cartographer. Episode 313 – Cathy With a C, Babies No E.

Shelly DeZevallos, West Houston Airport, and Mike Camelin, SunState Aviation. Episode 312 – Managing a Privately Owned Airport.

Chris McGinnis, travel journalist, created the Travel Skills blog, co-host of the #travelskills chat on Twitter with travel guru Johnny Jet. Episode 311 – Travel Skills.

Chris Sloan, founder of; president and founder of television production and promotion company 2C Media; producer of International Airport 24/7: Miami on the Travel Channel; TLC documentary on the building of the Airbus A-380 featuring John Travolta. Episode 309 – Airways News.

Jack Pelton, Chairman of the Board of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA); retired chairman, president, and chief executive officer for Cessna Aircraft Company; member of the board and past chairman of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA); served on the board of directors of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Episode 308 – AirVenture Oshkosh Preview with Jack Pelton.

Scott Dennstaedt, owner of Chesapeake Aviation Training, specializing in aviation weather training for pilots; flight instructor; trained in meteorology; operates the subscription-based website Aviation Weather Workshops. Episode 307 – Aviation Weather.

Kevin Garrison, CFI, journalist, author, commercial pilot. Episode 306 – Make a Plan and Become a Pilot.

Steve Csonka, commercial aviation professional with airline and aviation OEM experience, Executive Director of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI). Episode 305 – Alternative Jet Fuel.

Bernie Leighton, aviation writer, world traveler in search of aircraft. Episode 304 – Searching Out Interesting Aircraft.

General (ret) John R. “Jack” Dailey, director of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum; Capt. Robert Randazzo, pilot of the 1945 ex-Pan American World Airways DC-3 (NC33611), former T-6 Reno racer; Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications; Bill Barry, Chief Historian with the NASA History Program Office; Edgar “E.T.” Tello, United B757/767 Captain, Republic Seabee owner. Episode 303 – Become a Pilot Day 2014.

Ace Abbott, F-4 Phantom pilot, Learjet corporate and charter pilot, Boeing 727 Captain, blogger, author, speaker. Episode 302 – Ace Abbott is the Rogue Aviator.

Ron Rapp, blogger, writer, professional charter pilot, flown more than 60 aircraft types, including tailwheel aircraft, aerobatics, formation flying, gliders, seaplanes, turboprops, biz jets, warbirds, experimentals, radials. Episode 301 – The House of (Ron) Rapp.

Bill Sweetman, Senior International Defense Editor, Aviation Week & Space Technology. Episode 300 – Military Aviation with Bill Sweetman.

Tyler Dikman, CEO Loungebuddy. Episode 299 – The Airport Lounge.

Stephan Poirier, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer of the Calgary Airport Authority; and Dave Pavoni, flight instructor. Episode 298 – Bits and Pieces XII.

MayCay Beeler, pilot, journalist, author. Episode 297 – MayCay Beeler.

John Cudahy, President, International Council of Air Shows. Episode 296 – Go Attend an Air Show.

Steven (“Fish”) Frischling, air travel blogger. Episode 295 – Air Travel as a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Robin Petgrave, Chief Pilot and President of Celebrity Helicopters, founder of Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum, Episode 294 – A Huge Hole in the Airport Fence.

Hillel Glazer, aerospace engineer, management consultant, an operations director, business owner. Episode 293 – An Aerospace Engineer.

Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst. Episode 291 – What MH 370 Means to Aviation.

David Parker Brown, aviation journalist, and the annual Aviation Geek Fest in Seattle. Episode 290 – David Parker Brown, Airline Reporter.

Doug Stewart, Master Certified Flight Instructor, Gold Seal Instructor, Designated Pilot Examiner, founding and charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, Executive Director of SAFE. Episode 288 – Society of Aviation and Flight Educators.

Mary Kirby, aviation journalist, airline passenger experience expert, founder of the Runway Girl Network. Episode 287 – Mary Kirby and the Runway Girl Network.

Jason Rabinowitz, an aviation journalist. Episode 286 – Jason Rabinowitz, the AirlineFlyer.

Mike Collins, professional photojournalist, technical editor for AOPA Pilot and Flight Training, director of business operations for AOPA’s publishing activities, director of the International Society for Aviation Photography, instrument-rated private pilot, flew around the world in a Mitsubishi MU–2 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the MU–2’s first flight. Episode 285 – Flying Around the World.

Richard Aboulafia, Vice President of Analysis, Teal Group; consultant and advisor; writer for Aviation Week, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Professional Pilot, and many other news and trade publications. Episode 284 – Industry Analysis from Richard Aboulafia.

Jack Suchocki, former Eastern Airlines Captain, President of Eyewitness Animations creating professional forensic animations and courtroom graphics for aviation accident reconstruction. Episode 283 – Aviation Accident Animation.

Victoria Neuville Zajko, instrument-rated commercial pilot. sales assistant for Aviation Insurance Resources, co-host on the Stuck Mic Avcast, blogger. Episode 281 – Women of Aviation Week is Coming!

Rod Rakic and Adam Fast, co-founders of the OpenAirplane platform facilitating airplane rental by pilots who are away from home. Episode 280 – OpenAirplane with Rod Rakic and Adam Fast.

Bill English, Investigator in Charge, Office of Aviation Safety, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Episode 279 – NTSB Investigation of Asiana Flight 214.

Scott Winter, Assistant Professor of Aviation Sciences, College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology. Episode 278 – Professor Scooter.

Benet Wilson, Social Media/eNewsletters Editor, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association; blogger. Episode 277 – Benet Wilson, the Aviation Queen.

Max Trescott, 2008 National CFI of the Year, author, speaker, blogger. Episode 276 – Max Trescott.

Phil Derner, Jr., NYCAviation. Episode 275 – Flight Dispatcher.

Christine Negroni, author of Deadly Departure about the crash of TWA 800, New York Times reporter, network television correspondent for CBS News and CNN, blogger. Episode 274 – Aviation Journalist Christine Negroni.

Kevin Hiatt, CEO and President of the Flight Safety Foundation, an independent, non-profit, international organization engaged in research, auditing, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety. Episode 273 – Flight Safety.

Jon Ostrower, the Wall Street Journal; and Molly McMillin, The Wichita Eagle. Episode 272 – NBAA 2013 Report.

Edward (Ned) Russell, airline reporter at Flightglobal. Episode 271 – Ned Russell on Airlines.

Bill Palmer, Airbus A330 captain, author of Understanding Air France 447. Episode 270 – Understanding Air France 447.

Randy Brooks, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) instructor, manager of flight training operations at the Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) Texas location. Episode 269 – Upset Prevention and Recovery Training.

Matthew Purton, Commercial Jet Sales Director, Air Charter Service (ACS), providing charters for the freight, executive, and commercial segments of the market. Episode 268 – Air Charter.

Carl Valeri, commercial pilot, flight instructor, host of the Aviation Careers Podcast and the Stuck Mic Avcast, blogger. Episode 267 – The Expert Aviator.

Benet Wilson, Social Media/eNewsletters Editor for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), blogger at Aviation Queen. Episode 266 – The Aviation Queen.

Brent Owens, professional pilot, flight operations manager in a large corporate flight department, EAA Technical Counselor and an EAA Flight Advisor, general aviation blogger. Episode 265 – Fixed Wing Buddha.

Rob Burgon,  F-22 Raptor pilot, creator of the Tally One aviation apparel store; and Henry Harteveldt, aviation analysts. Episode 262 – Mow and Flow with the F-22 Raptor.

Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications. Episode 261 – Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium Communications.

Martt Clupper, AirPigz blog, Martin Rottler, faculty lecturer at The Ohio State University’s Center for Aviation Studies, Michimasa Fujino, President and CEO, Honda Aircraft Company. Episode 260 – AirVenture 2013 Debrief.

Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian. Episode 259 – Bill Barry, NASA Chief Historian.

Lt Col Bryan Allen, MAFFS-qualified pilot, 146th Airlift Wing, California Air National Guard, Channel Islands Air National Guard Station. Episode 258 – MAFFS: Fighting Wildfires with the C-130.

Kevin Hiatt, CEO and President, Flight Safety Foundation, an independent, non-profit, international organization engaged in research, auditing, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety. Episode 257 – The Flight Safety Foundation.

Sean Gillette, founder and CEO of Saker Aircraft, a military-inspired, general aviation, twin-engine jet. Episode 256 – The Saker S-1 Jet.

Steve McNeilly, president and founder of Aviation Tutorials, providing interactive training software for pilots and flight simmers. Episode 255 – Steve McNeilly, Aviation Tutorials.

Al and Marc, live Simple Flight aviation radio show. Episode 254 – Simple Flight.

Adam Smith, Senior Vice President, Center to Advance the Pilot Community, AOPA; Joel Westbrook, Executive Producer, Air Fare AmericaBill Knight, Smithsonian Docent; Dave “Bio” Baranek, author of Top Gun Days; Ryan Ewing,; Gen. John R. “Jack” Dailey, Director of the National Air & Space Museum; Marcy Heacker, Program Specialist, Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Feather Identification Lab; William Edwards, University of Maryland Project Manager of the Gamera human-powered helicopter project. Episode 253 – Become a Pilot Day 2013.

John Zimmerman, pilot, Vice President at Sporty’s pilot shop. Episode 251 – John Zimmerman from Sporty’s.

Jason Paur, instrument-rated pilot, journalist, and writer covering aerospace at Episode 249 – Jason Paur on the Solar Impulse.

Christine M. DeJong, Manager, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International, which creates industry standards, including aviation standards. Episode 248 – ASTM Creates Aviation Standards.

Arthur Rosen, blogs at My Opinion: Thoughts and Comments on General Aviation, pilot, AOPA-ASN (Airport Support Network) volunteer for Scottsdale Airport (SDL), past Chairman of the Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission, Super Bowl Committee for Aviation, past President of Arizona Soaring Association, an Aviation Expert for ABC TV-Phoenix, retired Judge. Episode 247 – Arthur Rosen’s Aviation Opinions.

Mary Kirby, Editor in Chief of the Airline Passenger Experience magazine and the APEX media platform, aviation industry journalist. Episode 246 – Mary Kirby Knows the Airline Passenger Experience.

Jeff Nielsen (“Capt. Jeff”), major legacy airline Captain, host of the Airline Pilot Guy podcast, Air Force C-141B and T-37 Instructor Pilot. Episode 244 – Capt. Jeff and the Sock Puppet.

Igor Sikorsky III, the grandson of aviation pioneer Igor Sikorsky, operates Bradford Camps in the North Maine Woods, pilot. Episode 243 – Talking with Igor Sikorsky III.

Anthony Nalli, executive Producer / President, FourPoints Television Productions, producer of The Aviators TV series. Episode 242 – Anthony Nalli, The Aviators TV.

Jon Ostrower, Aerospace Beat Reporter for the Wall Street Journal. Episode 241 – Jon Ostrower.

Jack Pelton, Aviation Alliance LLC, created to remanufacture Cessna 421s as the Aviation Alliance Excalibur; retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for Cessna Aircraft Company; Chairman of the Board and acting President/CEO for the Experimental Aircraft Association. Episode 240 – Jack Pelton.

Robert W. Poole, Jr., founder of the Reason Foundation, a free-market think tank that conducts public policy research. Episode 239 – Bob Poole on Air Traffic Control.

Harriet Baskas, writes At the Airport column for USA Today, occasional features at and MSN Travel, manages online Airport Guides at USA Today, blogs at Stuck at the Airport. Episode 238 – Harriat Baskas, Stuck at the Airport.

Alan Klapmeier, CEO of the Kestrel Aircraft Company. Episode 237 – Alan Klapmeier and the Kestrel.

Henry Harteveldt, industry analyst at Hudson Crossing, previously Chief Research Officer and Co-Founder of Atmosphere Research Group, Forrester Research. Episode 236 – The Last Great Airline Merger.

Lynda Meeks, Executive Director of Girls With Wings, Inc., and Jodi Brommer, former US Navy Seabee, served as a convoy 240B gunner in Iraq, taking advantage of the GI Bill and continuing her education and helicopter training. Episode 235 – Lynda and Jodi.

Major Brandon “Cain’n” Abel, and Major John “Manson” Appelt, Experimental Test Instructor Pilots, USAF Test Pilot School; Greg Morris from Gauntlet Warbirds joins in. Episode 233 – USAF Test Pilots School.

David Parker Brown, Airline blog. Episode 232 – The Airline Reporter Returns.

Steve Tupper, aka Stephen Force, produces the Airspeed podcast, Acrocamp aerobatics documentary, aviation lawyer, private pilot, serves as a Civil Air Patrol Major and search-and-rescue pilot. Episode 231 – Steve Tupper Inverted.

Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis at Teal Group. Episode 230 – Kicking off 2013 with Richard Aboulafia.

Mary Ellen Jones, President of the Engine Alliance; and Major Aric Liberman, F-35B pilot with Marine Corps Air Station, Yuma, Arizona; also Amber Nolan, a travel writer who is trying to visit all 50 U.S. states by hitchhiking rides on General Aviation aircraft. Episode 229 – Bits and Pieces IX.

David White, Air Boss for the Waterloo Ontario Air Show, Board Member of the North East Council of Air Shows. Episode 228 – How to Produce an Air Show.

Adam Smith, Senior Vice President, AOPA Center to Advance the Pilot Community. Episode 227 – Advancing the Pilot Community.

Jason Blair, Executive Director of the National Association of Flight Instructors. Episode 226 – Flight Instruction with Jason Blair.

Jon Bird, Creative Manager for Social Media, American Airlines. Episode 225 – Social Marketing at American Airlines.

Josh Baynes, senior PR specialist, Rockwell Collins; Bryan Rennekamp, senior marketing manager for the Heads Up Guidance system; Jim Sokolic, Operations Manager, NASA Dryden;
Jay Estes, Deputy for Flight Test Integration in the Orion Program, Orfield Tigue, Office of Education, NASA DC Headquarters; Paul Rodrian and Jeff Pollett, Lockheed Martin Denver, Human Space Flight; John Yembrick, NASA Social Media Manager. Episode 224 – Wings & Thighs.

Nils Haupt, Director and Head of Corporate Communications for The Americas, Lufthansa German Airlines. Episode 223 – Nils Haupt from Lufthansa.

John Zimmerman, Vice President, Sporty’s pilot shop. Episode 222 – Sporty’s John Zimmerman.

Lieutenant Jay Kircher, U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City in New Jersey. Episode 221 – Airplane Geeks vs Sandy.

Dan Hampton, author, Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat, and Stephen Trimble, Flight Global’s The DEW Line. Episode 220 – Dan Hampton, Viper Pilot.

Max Trescott, 2008 National CFI of the Year, author of produces training books, CD’s, and iPhone GPS guides; and Brett Snyder, the Cranky Flier, Cranky Concierge, Episode 219 – Max Trescott on the Summit.

Adam White, Director, and Kara Martinelli, Producer, Hemlock Films. Produced documentary film The Restorers, and Red Tail Reborn with the Red Tail Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force. Episode 218 – The Restorers.

Nigel Howarth, Senior Fleet Analyst, Aviation Week. Episode 217 – Fleet Forecasting.

Chris Sloan, Executive Producer, television series Airport 24/7: Miami, founder of Episode 216 – Airport 24/7: Miami.

Tom Haines, Editor-in-Chief and Sr. Vice President, Media, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Episode 215 – Tom Haines, AOPA Pilot.

Mary Kirby, Editor-in-Chief, Airline Passenger Experience magazine and the APEX Media Platform, Airline Passenger Experience Association. Episode 214 – Mary Kirby on the Passenger Experience.

Capt. Cory Simmons, 6th Airlift Sqn C-17A Globemaster III; Lt. Anthony Petrone, VR64 Condors US Navy Reserve, C-130T Hercules; Lt. Andy Kolbecker, 108th ARW NJ ANG, KC-135R Stratotanker; Capt. Beckwith, HMLA773 Det B Marine Air Group 49, AH-1W “Whiskey” Cobra; Senior Airman Keith McLaughlin, 2nd Air Refueling Squadron, KC-10A Extender, Staff SGT Miranda, 1-150th Helicopter Battalion New Jersey National Guard, UH-60L Black Hawk; Col. Chris Patterson, 621st Contingency Response Wing. Episode 213 – Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst Open House.

Mike Mangeot, Public Relations Manager, United Parcel Service (UPS) Airlines. Episode 212 – UPS Airlines.

Keith Smith, founder and CEO of PilotEdge, connecting your flight simulator to live PilotEdge Air Traffic Controllers, instrument rated pilot flying a Lancair 360. Episode 211 – Flight Simulation with PilotEdge.

Founders of iFlightPlanner John Burnside, Director of Technology, and Andy Matthews, Director of Business Development. Episode 210 – Flight Planning.

Douglas C. Shidler, Director- Light Tactical Helicopter Research and Engineering, Sikorsky; Cedric Gitchenko, pilot of the RIMOWA JU-52-3M; Michael Langston, pilot of the Wingster Cessna 19;, Bob Russell, C-46A Commando Tinker Belle. Warriors and Warbirds; Jessica Gibbs, Safari Helicopters; Trey Johnson, Plane Driven, the PD-2 Roadable; John and Fran Hess AT-11 Kansan; James H. Keeffe III, Two Gold Coins and a Prayer, his Fathers story as a B-24 Pilot and POW in World War II; Paul Seelafer, Director of EAA’s Seaplane Base; John M. Bingham, President and CEO, Piaggio America; Bruce Johnson, Director of Aviation Operations, ORBIS International, Teresa Stokes, Episode 209.5 – EAA Airventure 2012 Interviews.

Ravi the Raviator, motivational speaker, sport pilot, musician. Episode 209 – Ravi the Raviator.

Yohai West, Product Marketing Manager, NICE Systems, airport security and safety technologies expert. Episode 208 – Geeks at Oshkosh 2012.

Rich Bergmann, Senior Executive, Accenture; and Peter Moll, Director, Wittman Regional Airport. Episode 207 – Getting Ready for AirVenture.

David Parker Brown, Airline Episode 206 – Farnborough 2012 – Planning for Optimism.

Cessna Discover Flying interns Edward Honey and Benjamin AlimenaEpisode 204 – Flying Skycatchers.

Carl Valeri, Aviation Careers Podcast. Episode 203 – Aviation Careers.

General J. R. (Jack) Dailey, Director, Smithsonian’s National Air And Space Museum; Roger Connor, Curator of Vertical Flight, Aeronautics Division, National Air and Space Museum; Amelia Earhart tells us about some of her adventures; Ed Mautnur, Museum Specialist, Aeronautics; Tim Bell, an Airplane Geeks listener from Melbourne, Australia; Linda Shiner, Editor, Air and Space Magazine; the Princess of Planes, the youngest Airplane Geek; Marcy Heacker, Program Specialist, Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Feather Identification Lab; USMC Captain Jason Nollette, CH-46, VH-3, VH-6 pilot. Episode 202 – Become a Pilot Day 2012.

Chris Anderson, founder DIY Drones and 3D Robotics; Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More. Also, Martin Rottler, pilot, The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies. Episode 201 – Aerial Robots.

Chris Patterson, 621st Contingency Response Wing; Jim Record, #7 from the Geico Skytypers, Martin Sheehan, Jeffrey Daniel, and Morten Stoverud from the Northeast Raiders. Episode 199 – Airshow Interviews.

Kip Hawley, former Administrator, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), author of “Permanent Emergency: Inside the TSA and the Fight for the Future of American Security.” Episode 198 – Kip Hawley on the TSA.

Linda L. (Heid) Maloney, naval flight officer flying the A-7, EA-6A, and the EA-6B Prowler; one of the first women to join a combat military flying squadron, author of Military Fly Moms ~ Sharing Memories, Building Legacies, Inspiring Hope. Episode 196 – A Military Fly Mom.

Kelly Murphy, founder, Emerald Media handling public relations, media services, and editorial aspects of producing publications for aviation clients; editor of Regional Horizons and Saab Aircraft Leasing’s Saab Market Report, and Saab Aerotech’s Support Solutions; former editor of Professional Pilot magazine, Water Flying magazine, and Commuter/Regional Airline News (US). Episode 195 – Kelly Murphy.

Steve Harris, a senior at the University of Michigan in Aerospace Engineering, writes the Aeroscholar blog, president of the UofM Student Chapter of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), member of the Jet Engine Team of Michigan. Episode 194 – The Aeroscholar.

Mike Kincaid, CFI/Designated Examiner at Mountain Lakes Seaplanes. Episode 192 – Mike Flies Seaplanes.

Leigh White, President, Alertness Solutions, fatigue management expert. Episode 191 – Fatigue Risk Management.

Steve Fulton, Technical Fellow, GE Aviation; Required Navigation Performance pioneer. Episode 190 – Steve Fulton Knows RNP.

Darryl Jenkins, airline analyst, Chairman of the American Aviation Institute, and author of the Handbook of Airline EconomicsEpisode 189 – Darryl Jenkins.

Ryan P. Starkey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and a McAnally Faculty Fellow; Director of the Busemann Advanced Concepts Lab, University of Colorado Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences; Starkey Aerospace Corporation. Episode 188 – The Mach 1.4 UAV.

David Allen, Other People’s Airplanes, Pilot’s Flight PodLog. Episode 187 – Ducky Does Airplanes.

Joe Bellino, retired Air Traffic Controller, former union rep for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), regional union VP, Executive VP of NATCA. Episode 186 – Joe Bellino on Air Traffic Control.

Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis from Teal Group; and Benet Wilson, Director of Media Relations for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Episode 185 – Richard Aboulafia Returns.

Vicki Portway, head of web and new media for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Episode 184 – Vicki Portway, National Air and Space Museum.

Alan Epstein, Vice President of Technology & Environment, Pratt & Whitney. Episode 182 – Alan Epstein and the Geared Turbofan Engine.

Craig Fuller, President and CEO, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA). Episode 181 – Craig Fuller from AOPA.

Mary Kirby, Editor-in-Chief of the Airline Passenger Experience magazine and the APEX media platform. Episode 180 – Mary Kirby from APEX.

Bill English, commercial pilot, multi and instrument CFI, flown corporate, charter, air traffic controller in Boston and NY, written for IFR Magazine, worked on procedures design and internal investigations for the FAA, currently a National Transportation Safety Board Investigator in Charge, Major Aviation Investigations Division.  Episode 178 – Bill English from the NTSB.

Kurt Barnhart, Professor and head of the Department of Aviation, Kansas State University; Executive Director of the Applied Aviation Research Center integrating unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace system; a National Association of Flight Instructors’ Master Flight Instructor since 2003. Episode 177 – Kurt Barnhart, Unmanned.

Greg Morris, Chief Pilot at Gauntlet Warbirds, a warbird, aerobatic, and tailwheel training center; instructs in warbirds and aerobatic aircraft; holds a current low level aerobatic waiver in the L-39 and T-6 and is a FAST rated formation pilot; flown the FM-2 Wildcat, Extra 300, Su-29, Pitts S-2B and S-2C, Lazer Z-200, Cap-10B, Great Lakes, T-34, T-6, T-28, Ju-52, and is rated in the L-29 Delfin and L-39 Albatros. Episode 176 – Greg Morris Flys Warbirds.

Walter Kreiter, Director BAMS UAS Business Development; Tighe Parmenter, Business Development, Navy UCAS Program; Dion Kolliopoulas, Firescout. Episode 175 – Bits and Pieces VIII.

Stephanie Gehman, Manager of Marketing and Customer Service, Harrisburg International Airport. Episode 174 – Airport_Girl Returns.

Jamie Dodson, author of the Nick Grant adventure novel series, including Flying Boats & Spies, and China Clipper; Technology Protection Officer, Security and Intelligence Division, US Army, Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC), Intelligence Division. Episode 173 – Jamie Dodson Knows Nick Grant.

Lynda Meeks, Executive Director, Girls With Wings, Inc. a non-profit organization which introduces young girls to aviation. Episode 172 – Girls With Wings.

Lindsey Dreiling, Admissions Representative, Kansas State University; Sean Collins, Senior Technical Specialist, Government Affairs, AOPA; Lindsey, Summit attendee; Bernice “Bee” Haydu, Woman Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), Letters Home 1944-1945; Mason Holland, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.; Ben Freelove, Director of Operations/ Instructor, Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety; Alan Klapmeier, CEO, Kestrel Aircraft Company; Laura Gaerte, Air Race Classic all women’s transcontinental air race, Century Aviation; Mark Robidoux, Pilot Workshops; Tom Ham, Production Manager, VoiceFlight Systems, with Max TrescottWayne Ellis, The Aviators TV show. Episode 171.5 – 2011 AOPA Aviation Summit, Part 2.

Mark Jones, experimental test pilot and statistical consultant, part-time T-6 instructor pilot in the USAF Reserves, Air Force chief C-17 test pilot, contributor to Plane Conversations. Episode 171 – A Playground for Pilots.

Geico Skytypers, Naval Air Station Oceania Airshow Sunday, September 24, 2011. Episode 170.5 – Dot Matrix Printing at 10,000 Feet.

Dale Carlson, Executive for Advanced Engine Systems, GE Aviation. Episode 170 – GE Aviation Looks to the Future.

Donald Purdy, ASRS Expert Analyst and CALLBACK Editor, NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System; Nadia Marcinko, founder/CEO, Aviloop; Chris Donald, Big South Fork Airpark; Ronald Jarmon, Island Air Express, flight school; Carl Dietrich, CEO/CTO, Terrafugia; Randy Gawenda, Sales Representative, Frasca International flight simulators; Clay Murphy, pilot, ForeFlight user; Jason Miller, co-founder and Principal Developer, ForeFlight; LtCol Tony Vallillo, Civil Air Patrol, Connecticut Wing and Major Stephen Rocketto, Thames River Composite Squadron, Groton, Connecticut; Lynda Meeks, Girls With Wings; Eileen Minogue, Director of Operations, Patient Airlift Services; Alexander Tock, King Schools; Stephen Marshall, General Aviation Sales/Marketing Director, Amsafe seatbely airbags. Episode 169.5 – 2011 AOPA Aviation Summit, Part 1.

Martin Rottler, Aviation Lecturer, Center for Aviation Studies, The Ohio State University. Episode 169 – Martin Rottler.

Lori Ranson, America’s Air Transport Editor, Flightglobal. Episode 168 – Lori from Flightglobal.

Kevin Garrison, writer, pilot. Episode 167 – Kevin Still Creates.

Susan Elliott, senior member of the Delta Air Lines cross-divisional social media team. Episode 166 – Delta Knows Social Media.

David Dunlap, Director, Sennheiser Aviation. Episode 165 – Sennheiser Knows Noise.

Henry Harteveldt, industry researcher and analyst, co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group. Episode 164 – Henry Harteveldt.

Louis Smith,; Jonathan Hartman, Firefly all-electric technology demonstration helicopter from Sikorsky; Dave Walsh, program Test Director for the Sikorsky X-2 record-breaking helicopter; Kevin Bredenbeck, Chief Pilot and director of flight operations at Sikorsky; Audrey Schnur, Marketing Communications, GE Aviation; Lieutenant John McElroy, S-3B Viking pilot. Episode 163 – Bits and Pieces VII.

Julie Filucci, Cessna Pilot Centers program manager, author of Together We Fly: Voices From The DC-3. Episode 162 – Voices From The DC-3.

Ansel Brown, recording artist who co-wrote (with wife Lisa) and sang When You Fly at the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, when it returned to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and at AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh at the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators banquet, and the Women in Aviation breakfast. Episode 161 – When You Fly.

Max Trescott, author, 2008 CFI of the Year. Episode 160 – Max Trescott’s Trends Aloft.

Pat Flannigan, Aviation Chatter, professional airline pilot, aviation blogger, flight instructor. Episode 159 – Aviation Chatter.

Terry Mialkowsky, Executive Producer/Director, television documentary series Dust Up. Episode 158 – Dust Up.

Brian Lusk, Corporate Historian, Southwest Airlines. Episode 156 – Lusk Likes History.

Bryce Kujat, pilot flying night cargo along the Gulf Coast in a C-310 and BE-58. Lear 35, Caravans in Africa, experimental Navy surveillance aircraft, Caribbean charter. Episode 155 – Bryce Soars.

Earlier Guests:

Dave Shallbetter

From Sun ‘N Fun Radio.

Brett Snyder

The Cranky Flier Blog, and the Cranky Concierge.

John and Martha King

From King Schools, Inc., producing aviation training videos and computer software since 1974.

Todd McClamroch

From My Flight, one of the longest running General Aviation blogs around, and featured in the press including Wall Street Journal, AOPA Pilot and AOPA Flight Training Magazine.

Mikey McBryan

From Buffalo Airways and the TV show Ice Pilots (known as Ice Pilots NWT in Canada).

Ann Millbrooke

Aviation historian at

Igor Sikorsky III

Grandson of the man many consider to be the father of the helicopter industry, float plane pilot, and owner (along with wife Karen) of The Bradford Camps in the North Maine Woods.

Stephanie Gehman

Manager of Marketing and Customer Service at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT).

Chad Trautvetter

Online news editor for Aviation International News (AIN) and also the editor of AINalerts.

  • Episode 142 – Chad from Aviation International News

Matt Perra

Spokesperson from Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Dan Pimentel

Publisher of Airplanista Magazine, a high quality, monthly online magazine targeted to general and business aviation.

Jeffery Bass

President and CEO of the Hiller Aviation Museum located in the San Francisco Bay Area at the San Carlos Airport.

Jeff Ackland

President of New Century Aerosport Inc., producer of the Radial Rocket, a two place performance and aerobatic kit plane.

Shashank Nigam

CEO of Simpliflying and expert on airline branding.

Jason Bong

A writer and photographer at PHXspotters, a great site for plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts.

Gavin Werbeloff

A long time aviation enthusiast who tweets as travel_buddha.

Kelli Jones

Aviation consultant at White Consulting & Mediation, cabin safety expert, mediator, traveler, philanthropist, and a blogger at Traveling Smart. Previously a cabin equipment engineer and accident investigator.

Peter Sanders

Staff Reporter in the Los Angeles bureau of The Wall Street Journal, covering the commercial aerospace industry.

David Parker Brown

Owner/founder of

Jillian Gustafson

Board member of the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation.

Captain Steve Fulton

Former pilot at Alaska Airlines, developer of the world’s first Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure, principal author of the RNP RNAV criteria in the FAA Advisory Circular. Steve is now a Technical Fellow with GE Aviation, and a co-founder of what was formerly Naverus now GE PBN Services.

Richard Aboulafia

Vice President of Analysis at Teal Group and Author of

Kelly Skyles

National Safety and Security Coordinator for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, representing  about 17,000 American Airlines Flight Attendants.

Jon Norris

Board member of the Airline Passenger Experience Association and chairman of the APEX Technology Committee. Vice President of the Cabin Design Office at Airbus.

Jason Paur

Contributing writer for where Jason posts to the Autopia blog. Find Jason on Twitter as @jasonpaur.

Molly McMillin

The Senior Aerospace/Aviation reporter for the Wichita Eagle and blogger at Air Capital Insider. Molly tweets as @mmcmillin.

Rafael Marquez

The blogger from I Love Planes and @rafaelmarquez in Twitter.

Mary Kirby

Also known as RunwayGirl from the Flight Global Runway Girl Blog.

Steven Frischling

The founder of The Travel Strategist site as well as the popular travel blog Flying With Fish.

Chris Manno

Airline captain, teacher at Embry-Riddle University and Texas Christian University, writer of the JetHead blog, cartoonist about life at the airline at FlightcrewZoo.

Benet Wilson

Online Managing Editor for Business Aviation at Aviation Week.

Fred Gevalt

Founder of The Air Charter Guide, a pilot, airplane builder, and Executive Producer of the documentary film titled “Please Remove Your Shoes” which takes a critical look at airport and airline security, both pre and post September 11.

Jesse Ziglar

A private pilot who also works for a large airline in revenue management. Jesse blogs at Airtransparency.

Ashley Moore

Founder and President of The Aviation PR Group, which helps aviation businesses find their niche audience through marketing, public relations and communications.

Stephen Trimble

Author of The DEW Line blog on FlightGlobal.

Bruce Landsberg

President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Foundation.

Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

A Baltimore City Police Helicopter Pilot who also flew AH-1 Cobras in Desert Storm and Bosnia, and OH-58D Kiowa Warriors in Bosnia.

Dave Pascoe

Operates, which provides real-time Air Traffic Control feeds to your browser, mp3 player, and mobile device.

Louis Smith

A retired NWA DC-10 captain who runs, a site offering information and advice for pilots looking to advance their professional careers.

Scott Spangler

An instrument-rated commercial pilot and the founding editor of Flight Training magazine. He launched and edited NAFI Mentor for the National Association of Flight Instructors, and was editor in chief of EAA publications. As a freelancer he’s written for Air & Space Smithsonian, Overhaul & Maintenance, Aviation for Women, Twin & Turbine, Avionics News, Kitplanes, a number of non-aviation titles. He posts at the Jetwhine blog.

George Hamlin

President of Hamlin Transportation Consulting and specializing transport economics, marketing and strategic planning, aircraft requirements/fleet planning, economic analysis and forecasting for both passenger and cargo operations.

Darryl Jenkins

Managing Director at Aviation Consulting Group and author of the Handbook of Airline Economics. Find Darryl at The Airline Zone which contains a series on the future of the airline industry.

Karlene Petitt

A long time airline pilot, currently flying with Delta. She blogs at Flight to Success and she’s also an emerging author.

Bob Poole

Founder of the Reason Foundation, a free market think tank.

Jim Oltersdorf

A pilot and an accomplished aviation and outdoor photographer and writer, and producer of the documentary film Alaska’s Bush Pilots, The Real Deal. Find Jim’s personal page at

Jonathan Heckman

Founder and writer of the blog.

Martin Rottler

Blogger at and Master’s Degree candidate at the University of North Dakota.

Doug Morris

A320 captain for Air Canada, certified meteorologist, writer for enRoute magazine and other publications, blogger at From the Flight Deck and is author of the book From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science.

Amy Laboda

Aviation writer, Editor in Chief for Aviation for Women, the official publication of Women in Aviation International, and she’s an instrument-rated commercial pilot, and an instructor.

  • Episode 89 – The Greatest Challenge to Women Pilots

Mary Grady

Contributing writer for AVweb, an online aviation magazine and news service. She holds pilot ratings for airplanes and balloons, and also a ground instructor certificate.

Jill Rutan Hoffman

Pilot, author of First Flights and Oshkosh Memories, wife of U-2 pilot, daughter of Dick Rutan, niece of Burt Rutan.

Phil Derner, Jr.

The founder of NYCAviation.

Steve Visscher

Co-host of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast.

Grant McHerron

Co-host of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast.

Henry Harteveldt

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Allen Howell

CEO of Corporate Flight Management, writer at the Plane Conversations blog.

Chris Elliott

Author of the travel blog, reader advocate for National Geographic Traveler magazine, writes the syndicated Travel Troubleshooter column, produces a weekly commentary and podcast on, writes the Navigator column in Sunday’s Washington Post.

Paul Filmer

Stateside Editor and Database Administrator for Global Aviation Resource, contributor to Combat Aircraft Magazine, accomplished photographer. Personal page at

James Patton

Life-long test pilot, naval aviator, FAA test pilot, and Chief Test Pilot & Head of Flight Ops at NASA’s Langley Research Center. A spin testing expert and inductee in the Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Joshua Abramson

Airport Manager at Winchester Municipal Airport, and also an aviation advisor for the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). His website is Airport Solution, which is home of the Airport Executive blog.

Heather Poole

Flight attendant for a major U.S. airline, author of the Another Flight Attendant Writing blog, writer of the Galley Gossip column on Gadling.

MayCay Beeler

Pilot, flight instructor, and TV journalist.

Randy Padfield

Editor-in-Chief at Aviation International News.

Jon Ostrower

The Flightblogger

Paula Williams

From Aviation Business Consultants International Inc. (ABCI)

Jeremy Monnett

The CEO of Sonex Aircraft.

Jeffrey Ward

Jeffrey is the Savvy Navigator and has been in the travel industry for over 20 years, about half of that with American Airlines. He now provides gay travelers with experiential journeys.

Mike Friesen

Principal at Leading Strategies, a provider of consulting services and coaching for aviation executives, particularly in the airport industry. He’s also a former U.S. military pilot, having flown the F-4 Phantom and the F-15.


Writer, interviewer, columnist,  author of the Evan Flys website, and eleven years old.

Dick Knapinski

Media and Public Relations Director for the Experimental Aircraft Association.

James Hileman

Alternative fuels researcher from MIT.

Max Trescott

Author, CFI, and writer of the Max Trescott on General Aviation blog.


Author of The Airline Blog.

Elizabeth Clark

Executive Director for Women in Corporate Aviation and the current President of the Memphis Belles Chapter of Women in Aviation International. Liz is an experienced pilot currently flying for FedEx Express Corporate Aviation where she’s a Captain on both the Challenger 601 and Learjet 45 aircraft.

Blogger Bob

From the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s blog: The TSA Blog.

Chris Webb

Director and co-producer of the documentary film Air Racer: Chasing the Dream

Kate Sedlmayr

President of KES Consulting


From the One Mile at a Time blog

Paula Berg

Manager of Emerging Media at Southwest Airlines.

Dan Webb

Things in the Sky Blog.

Rob Mark

CEO of Commavia and Author of JetWhine Blog.

Eddy Pieniazek

From Ascend Worldwide.

Addison Schonland

The voice behind the IAG Blog Podcasts.

Christopher White

Director of Public Relations for Airtran.

Michael Maya Charles

Author of “Artful Flying”.

Kevin Garrison

Author of CEO of the Cockpit and

Evan Sparks

Author of the Evan Sparks Aviation Policy Blog

  • Episode 42 – Evan Sparks Talks Aviation Policy
  • Episode 20 – Celebrating Deregulation with Evan Sparks

Dr. Adam Pilarski

Senior Vice President at AVITAS and Author of “Why Can’t we Make Money in Aviation.”

Joe Murray

Journalism Instructor and Creator of Stories That Fly.

Tracy Rhodes

Author of Around the Pattern Blog.

Rand Peck

Pilot, Photographer, and Author of

Martt Clupper

Founder and author of the AirPigz blogazine.

Beth Blaire and Shannon Hurst-Lane

Co-founders and authors of the Traveling Mamas Blog.

Kevin Michaels

Partner and co-founder of the AeroStrategy Management Consulting Group.

Dr. Alfred Kahn

Economics Professor at Cornell, Former Head of CAB, and Father of U.S. Airline Deregulation.

Will Hawkins, Rico Sharqawi, David Allen

Directors and Producer of A Pilot’s Story Documentary, and co-hosts of the Pilot’s Flight Pod Log Podcast.

Capt’n Chris

Creator of the PlaneMadness Podcast.

Susan Pruitt

Creator and Editor of Flight Plan Magazine

  • Episode 22 – Flight Plan Magazine Editor Susan Pruitt

Dr. Tim Brady

Dean of the College of Aviation at the Embry Riddle Daytona Beach Campus.

Joel Mier

Marketing Mastermind and Author of the Think for a Moment blog.

Shane Price

Author of the Eclipse Aviation Critic NG Blog.

Randy Petersen

Founder of Flyer Talk and Boarding Area.

  • Episode 16 – ‘Flyer Talk’ with Randy Petersen

Lynn Gardner

Citation X Pilot and Corporate and Sport Aviation Consultant.

George Hobica

Founder of

  • Episode 14 – Interview with the Airfare Watchdog.

Matt Daimler

Founder of

Natalia Ippolito

Author of “I Might as Well be Naked – How to Survive Airport Screening with your Clothes on.”

  • Episode 9“I Might as well be Naked”

Ryan Keough

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