Episode 148 – Bits and Pieces V

A Fairey Swordfish of the Royal Navy Historic Flight, similar to the one flown by Anthony Johnson. Photo courtesy Paul Fiddian – Global Aviation Resource. This is another Bits and Pieces episode. Sometimes when we can’t record at our usual Sunday evening time, each of us contributes a segment which all get assembled into the […]

Episode 136 – Spotting with Jason

Our guest this episode is Jason Bong, one of the writers and photographers at PHXspotters, a great site for plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts. Jason attended the annual Red Flag event and captured some amazing photographs of military aircraft. See his post, Rookie at Red Flag. Visitors to the Phoenix area who want to photograph […]

Episode 126 – Another Aboulafia Adventure

Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis from Teal Group joins the Geeks to talk aviation. Benet Wilson, editor from AviationWeek, fills in for Rob. We have the aviation news from the past week and David’s This Week in Aviation history segment. Steve and Grant update us on the Qantas A380 in their Australia Desk Report, and […]

Episode 96 – Karlene’s Flight to Success

Our guest this week is Karlene Petitt, a long time airline pilot, currently flying with Delta. She blogs at Flight to Success and she’s also an emerging author. Karlene describes her training to fly the A330, what it’s like to pilot for a major U.S. airline, and how pilots like to be in control but […]

Episode 83 – Aviation Jetpardy

This special episode features the Aviation Jetpardy game where three top notch airplane geeks match their aviation knowledge to see who rises to the top of the pile. In this match we have: Phil Derner from NYCAviation.com, @nycaviation on Twitter Henry Harteveldt from Forrester Research, @hharteveldt on Twitter Brett H Snyder, The Cranky Flier and […]

Aviation Jetpardy

Join the Airplane Geeks and friends on Ustream Sunday, January 31 at 8:00pm Eastern for Aviation Jetpardy! This game show, similar to the Jeopardy you see on TV, will feature three great contestants: Henry Harteveldt –  Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, @hharteveldt on Twitter. Brett Snyder –  The Cranky Flier and the Cranky Concierge, […]

Episode 73 – News Fit to Print

Benet Wilson, Aviation Week’s Online Managing Editor for Business Aviation, again joins Max, Rob, and David to talk about the week’s aviation news. We also discuss how aviation journalists keep current with the news (or ahead of it) and we have some tips and resources that help you stay current with aviation news. David Vanderhoof […]

Episode 70 – A Trio of Pro Journalists

This week we’re joined by a trio of aviation journalists to talk about the recent NBAA Convention: Jon Ostrower, the Flightblogger from Flight Global, Randy Padfield, the Editor-in-Chief at Aviation International News, and Benet Wilson, Online Managing Editor for Business Aviation at Aviation Week. Also, Airplane Geeks Historian David Vanderhoof provides This Week in Aviation, […]

Guests that have appeared on the Airplane Geeks podcast

Bob Mikkelson is the president and founder of Winged Vision, a pioneering leader in aerial sports broadcasting and the largest operator of stabilized aerial camera systems for sports coverage in the country. Episode 670 Aerial Sports Broadcasting. Dr. Luuk van Dijk is CEO and co-founder of Daedalean, a Zürich-based startup developing flight control software for autonomous flight. The […]