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771 Bits & Pieces Number 30

Interviews from Cranky Dorkfest 2023, Micah on lighter-than-air vehicles, and a chance encounter at Costco.

Cranky Dorkfest 2023

Brian Coleman spoke with some notable attendees at the Cranky Dorkfest held September 9, 2023. As Brett Snyder describes it, “a bunch of us get together and watch airplanes at LAX and eat burgers. The beauty is in the simplicity of it all.” 

Hundreds of people show up for this event, including quite a few people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The Dorkfest usually teams up with NYC Aviation to line the Dorkfest up with the SpotLAX event. It’s definitely one of the annual must-attend aviation events.

This year, Brian spoke with:

  • Ben Granucci and Heather Abbott from NYC Aviation.
  • Nick Benson from JetTip.net, the smart flight alert service for aviation enthusiasts.
  • Courtney Miller, the Airplane Geeks Podcast co-founder, now with The Air Current.
  • Jon Ostrower, The Air Current and Yawman.
  • Kevin from Airline Videos Live.
  • Jason Rabinowitz, head of The Airline Tariff Publishing Company’s (ATPCO) Routehappy Rich content creation, focused on the airline amenities and UPA (Universal Product Attributes) product.
  • And finally Brett Snyder, Cranky himself.

Lighter than Nomenclature

We have a replay of our Main(e) Man Micah’s piece way back in Episode 403 titled Lighter than Nomenclature.  We thought it was appropriate since we’ve talked about airships and dirigibles and balloons in some recent episodes.

Luke Forister and Micah at Costco

This new piece came about when Micah met someone he didn’t know at Costco. Who would expect to have an interesting aviation conversation with a stranger at Costco? Since Micah doesn’t leave home without his mic and recorder, he captures it for us to enjoy.


Your Pizza Shop, 1200 8’th Ave SW, Largo, Florida.

Hosts this Episode

Max Flight, our Main(e) Man Micah, and Brian Coleman.