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Episode 118 – The Return of Runway Girl

Handley-Page two-engined bomber

Mary Kirby, the “Runway Girl” returns as our guest to talk about airlines using social media to generate revenue, the future for inflight connectivity, Aircell’s business aviation strategy, and more. Mary blogs on FlightGlobal as RunwayGirl, follow her on Twitter, and be sure to visit RunwayGirlMaryKirby’s Channel on YouTube.

The week’s aviation news:


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Episode 11 – Seat Guru

This week, Max and Court welcome Matt Daimler from SeatGuru.com.  Matt brings us some insight into the history of his site, and gives us some hints on how to find the best seat on an airplane.  Of course, as always, there’s news, and Max and Court even bring back the word associations.

And don’t miss Dan Webb’s submission to Southwest for their Blog-o-Spondent competition.  Take the time to support a member of the aviation community and vote for Dan.

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