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Episode 59 – It’s Always About the Cash

Photo Courtesy Flightblogger

Photo Courtesy Flightblogger

The usual cast is joined this episode by Tom, author of The Airline Blog, Max Trescott, an author, CFI, and the man behind the Max Trescott on General Aviation blog, and Steve Visscher, one half of the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk and also co-host, along with Grant McHerron, of the new Plane Crazy Down Under podcast.

Rob and Max Trescott talk about their experiences at the 2009 AirVenture Fly-in at Oshkosh. We also have a report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, a This Week in Aviation segment, listener mail, and more.

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Episode 5 – Cranky Flyin’

Dumping Fuel

This week, Max and Court welcome Brett Snyder of the Cranky Flier blog.  Brett brings his insight to the industry, and discusses Allegiant and Frontier in detail.  If you’d like to fast forward to Brett’s interview, it begins at 15:30.

Several topics are discussed in the news section including:

Max’s pic of the week:

Paper Pilot: Battle of the air
This is just about the coolest paper airplane page you’ll find.  A true time sink for airplane geeks.

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Episode 4 – News Extravaganza!

FrustrationWe had quite a difficult go of the AirplaneGeeks podcast for episode 4.  From failed hard drives, to guest cancellations, we did what we could to pull together an industry podcast for you.  Unfortunately, there are some serious sound quality problems that we’ve tried desperately to rectify.  So, if you make it to Episode 5, we consider you a true fan!

This week, Max and Court focus on news.

Max’s pick of the week can be found at http://www.techinflight.com.  Please visit their site and tell them The Airplane Geeks sent you.

The winner from last week’s trivia  is Leslie from Michigan.  Don’t miss this week’s trivia question.

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